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Anatomy of a Meltdown

Autism meltdowns can be terrifying both for the child experiencing them and those nearby; the best thing we can do is to love each other and reach out for available support.

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Welcome to Coffee Nebula. We’re the Roe-Owen family, a family of creative, fun-loving geeks with a deep love of tomfoolery. I’m Kristi, a full-time content writer and blogger. Join our family’s adventures as we experiment with creativity, kindness, and fandom. Roll call:

  • Arthur, age 11, lowkey goth, artist, and pescatarian
  • Noah, age 12, Lego engineer, car aficionado, and autism ambassador
  • Lucy, age 8, goes by Cupcake, kawaii as heck, will steal your soda without a second thought
  • Justin, age fortysomething, sushi chef/car mechanic, genius, armchair political analyst, ride or die

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