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Tulsakids Magazine January 2021 1For over 30 years, TulsaKids Magazine has been serving parents and other caregivers by providing the latest, most accurate information available on topics ranging from physical and mental health to education to entertainment.

TulsaKids is an award-winning monthly magazine focusing on the issues, concerns and needs of parents of children from prenatal through adolescence. The magazine is locally owned, written and published, so it offers a unique community perspective on issues affecting families.

We work to be a strong voice in support of children and families, advocating, informing and entertaining over 62,000 readers each month.

TulsaKids has been a member of the Parenting Publications of America since 1994.

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Baby Guide CoverTulsaKids Baby Guide

The TulsaKids Baby Guide is an annual resource for expectant and new parents. As a local guide, the magazine provides pregnant mothers and parents of infants up to one year, current information on health, safety, nutrition, prenatal and infant development, new products and more.

Expectant and new parents have a world of worries, joys and questions – the TulsaKids Baby Guide is a friendly voice, packed with advice and information, that new parents will refer to throughout their pregnancy and the first year of their baby’s life.




Screen Shot 2021 02 24 At 115531 AmTulsaKids College Planner

The TulsaKids College Planner is an annual magazine focusing on the information that high school students and their parents need to know as they plan for college.

The College Planner covers topics such as financial aid, scholarships, college entrance testing, college visits, step-by-step planning for each year of high school and much more. Included in the publication is an annotated resource directory of Web sites and books that will help parents and students navigate the path to college.




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