Grand Life

Becoming the Matriarch

Being the matriarch is a bittersweet responsibility, reminding me of my parents' passing and my own mortality, but also presenting the opportunity to create new family traditions and memories.

A Grandparent's Legacy

I wish I had a written record of my grandparents' stories and childhood memories; with this in mind, I've started keeping a "Grandmother Memories" book for Callister.

Grand Life

Adventures in Grandparenting

About This Blog

Welcome to Grand Life, the TulsaKids blog that explores the wonderful adventures of grandparenting! Join me and my grandchildren as we explore interesting activities and visit family friendly sites in Tulsa. This blog shares the joys and challenges of grandparenting as well as the various roles grandparents play in their grandchildren’s lives.

When I’m not doting on my grandchildren, I love to read, write, and compete in open water swims and triathlons. Please visit my author website for news of my upcoming book release, I’m also on Instagram @tulsakidsgrandlife.

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