Tulsa Times Two’s 2020 Valentine’s Gift Ideas

The day of love is approaching quickly. This has been one of my favorite holidays since I was a kid. Spreading love by supporting small business owners is a fantastic way to send extra love, and creating reminders about why we love the people close to us can 100% have an impact on changing someone’s day. 

Creating a homemade card is the biggest way to my heart. The girls love creating cards all year long. There is nothing more special than an original piece of art from my girls. 

Here are my top choices on what to purchase for a Valentine’s Day love gift. 

Buck Atoms Cosmic Curios

Buck Atoms Cosmic Curios is offering free delivery on Valentine’s Day. The delivery location must be within 5 minutes of Buck’s. The other option is to order online or shop in store. 

At Bucks I love their robot soap. This is the cutest way for anyone to stay extra clean. 

The Cuddle Monster Golden Drillers are a must have for anyone that lives in Tulsa. 

Also love the Buck t-shirts and sweatshirts. They are on regular rotation in my closet. Of course for all the Outsiders Fans a “Stay Gold” T-shirt screams I love you!


Local Artist Samantha Jezek

Decorating your home or office with local love can be achieved thanks to local artist Samantha Jezek. I discovered this talented artist thanks to Hues for Hope. The triple heart door hanger is so festive. Also you can order without the bow. Another option are the candy hearts for your window.

The  Triple Heart Door Hanger is $45 and the candy Heart 4pk $15 8pk $25. You can email her to order sjezek318@gmail.com or message her on Instagram . You will be seeing these on our windows soon! 

Lolly Garden

My favorite kids clothing store Lolly Garden is filled with endless options to wear during the season of love. From the Mini Melissa heart shoes to the Livy Lu pink Okla shirts, your little girl will be a walking billboard of love. These staple pieces can of course be incorporated into your daughter’s wardrobe all year. The girls are wanting the heart head bands and heart glasses. As always, gift wrapping is free at Lolly. 

OK Cookie Momster

On this holiday that is oh-so-sweet, it is a must on Valentine’s morning for the girls to have some OK Cookie Momster cookies in their love basket. The mini heart cookies our the favorites in our home. Plus I can also have an excuse to scoop up an oatmeal cream pie. 

Twig & Olive

The final recommendation for Valentine’s shopping is Twig & Olive. These Dallas moms created the ultimate creative play packages. Each package can be customized. They create their own playdoh with accessories to allow your child endless options for creative play. My crew has received a handful of their creations. Each time one comes in the mail, they are jazzed. There are a few different options for love day. My top pick is the Sweet Heart box. 

Wishing everyone a week filled with extra love. And do not forget to shop local. You are making an impact on many local hearts. 

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