The Day Before:

How COVID-19 has changed our lives things that bring me joy

The emotions of sheltering in place look like a graph with a million slopes. One moment it feels like this is fine. The girls are happy, and I just cooked a meal without burning the house down. Then the next moment there are tears, the house looks like a tornado, and my mind will not stop worrying about the world. 

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One thing that I would like to see is a movie of what everyone was doing the day before their lives changed. If we each knew what we know now, would we have lived that day differently?

As I scroll through my phone at photos during this time, the emotions are big. I can see the days I was really trying to knock it out of the park. Then the days I was grateful for the small victories. But my view is different. I think about people who I may have not been close to for years. My mind wonders how they are and why we drifted apart? After that, I think about everyone I am close with and am grateful they are in my life. All of this has made my mind go back to square one. When I see people again, it will feel like seeing them for the first time. Petty things that clogged our brains or seemed important do not anymore. 

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Masks made by Auggie Lamb Designs in OKC

Everyday Ways to Help

The concern for so many in the world is larger than my heart can honestly process. From those who have lost their lives to COVID, to the medical teams risking their lives while missing their families. For the big celebrations that are not happening for too many. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baptisms…the list goes on…celebrations have been canceled or postponed. I worry about all of those who are hungry, have lost a job or are experiencing mental breakdowns. Helping during chaos makes me feel better. But at this time, there is not a ton I can do to help on a large scale. So I thought of things that are small but can create ripples. 

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Texting a friend

Each day, I am trying to check on a new friend. To make sure they are okay and know they are loved. I am working on supporting a small business in some way and staying up-to-date on ways the Tulsa community is supporting the less fortunate. I am giving grace to everyone I know. This one is still a work in progress, but I’m attempting to be okay with this new normal. Most days I do not complete my to-do list. I fear my girls’ brains are shrinking due to the small amount of school work we complete. 

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Bright Lights

Then, the world is showing the helpers. The world is showing bright lights in the darkness. These are the moments my heart holds on to. How on an average week the girls would spend more time away from me. The ways people are celebrating birthdays. The drive-by parades, door drop-offs of gifts and notes. All the musicians who come to neighborhoods to spread good vibes. The helpers that gather funds and drop off gift cards to healthcare workers. Restaurants donating proceeds from gift card sales to employees that got let go. Hotels that have donated rooms to health care workers so they can be safe from their families. Local artists coming together to create for causes. The online opportunities to see inside museums, musicians performing, artists teaching us a new skill and aquariums showing us a glimpse into their worlds. 

Amazing things to brighten your day:

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Photo and artwork by Emily Webb Design

Road Trip Ideas

We are planning to go on some of these OK road trip adventures to help break up the cabin fever. Here is our list. But would love for suggestions.

Blue Whale


Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

Robbers Cave State Park

Cactus Snowcones

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Photo from Cactus Cones’ Facebook page

I am sending huge air hugs to everyone. Please keep sharing with me all the stories of kindness you see. When the world feels extra heavy, it helps poke those holes of light into my heart. 

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