Days We Have Never Seen:

Adjusting to the "new normal." Plus, take-home activities from local businesses!

The reality of the  “new normal” in the world is still impossible for me to process. The past week has been something I would have never imagined. Please note that I do not watch any TV shows pretty much over a PG rating. So many friends mention shows they have watched the TV-show versions of what we are experiencing. Yet I truly have nothing to compare this to. 

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Last photo taken of us together before the virus hit.

The people who are currently working around the clock to help others are who I think about the most. How are they processing their new reality? What can all of us do to support them? Then my mind goes to all the individuals who have lost jobs. I often write about many of my favorite small businesses in Tulsa. My mental list of the individuals who own these stores, restaurants, bars and other small businesses is endless. All who have had to let people go, close shop or run on skeleton crews to make ends meet. 

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No toilet paper!!

Tulsa is showing so much small business love by sharing how businesses have gotten creative to serve customers. From curbside service, delivery and virtual options. I know most businesses are also desperately wanting gift cards to be purchased so revenue is still coming in at some capacity.

Today I am working on trying to prepare for the next few days. My girls are like all of the other students and out of school for at least 2 weeks. I always say how I admire teachers. I love kids, but I just want to play. To teach them is a true gift. I am grateful for all of these super-organized and creative Moms who are sharing on social media how to prep for extended days of your kids being at home.

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Lounging outside

For me, my goal is to at least get a few hours of learning in. But each day I will be working from home and juggling two girls who hate this virus. I am one of the lucky ones right now. Not complaining one bit. Just wanting to share how we are going to test the waters this week. Also please note I am not the super Mom who is going to try or even be able to teach my kids a full typical school day. At this point if I can get a few hours of learning in I would call it a HUGE success. But I am the poster child for giving grace.  Keep sharing with me all that you are doing with your kids. 

A few of the things we are doing are:

  • GoNoodle to get the wiggles out.
  • Dress up time..where we can dress up as a book or character. 
  • Dry Erase books. 
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga, which will also help me learn some yoga. 
  • Free print-outs from Pinterest to work on letters and numbers. 
  • Netflix some of those awesome animal shows that now we are finally watching. 
  • Scavenger hunts that people keep so kindly tagging us in. The girls love it. 

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  • Anything that recommends. Do not let the name fool you: There are options for all ages!
  • Facetime with friends, family and anyone who is willing to teach a subject. 🙂 
  • Playing!Playing!Playing!

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Since we have never been home this much, the girls have fallen in love with doing puzzles. Also, we are coloring more, riding our bikes and just getting down to the basics. And guess what? That is one bright light in all this darkness. Seeing people outside their homes with their families is so special. 

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Take-Home Activities for Kids from Local Businesses

Also, to break the days up, I am looking at what small businesses are offering for kids. It’s a great excuse to support locals while breaking up the day. Here is a list of businesses who are offering curbside activities, crafts, toys, learning items and fun! 

  • KiddleStix – They provide toys,puzzles, books and a variety of outdoor items for your kids.
  • Adorn – They have puzzles, coloring books and an unlimited amount of Easter items. Also creating craft boxes this week.
  • Learning Express – This store has puzzles, games, learning activites, coloring books and the list goes on.  

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  • Purple Glaze – Paint pieces of art. 
  • OkCookieMomster – cookie decorating for the mini chefs in your life. 
  • Pinot’s Palette – painting sets to create your own masterpiece at home. 
  • Andolini’s Pizzeria – pizzas you can make at home with your kids. 
  • Kathleen’s Kids – They have a huge selection of Melissa & Doug toys and games. Also, dress-up items and other key items to staying at home.  
  • Shuffles – you can rent board games. 
  • Lolly Garden – They have games, puzzles, coloring books, books and some stem toys. 

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  • Buck Atom’s – Buck has coloring books themed off of Route 66. 

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  • Once Upon a Child – A variety of items offered for outdoors, games inside and coloring options. 
  • AR Workshop – Take and make DIY to go kits with various price options. 

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  • Savastano’s – Create Your Own Pizza Take-home Kits
  • Barbee Cookies – They have cookie decorating boxes for pick up. 
  • SallyBear Sweets –  Another awesome option for cookie decorating boxes for pick up. 
  • Philbrook Musuem – You can get puzzles, games and everything else inspiring from their gift shop. 
  • Bead Merchant – Take-home jewlery making kits. 

There is also a cool trend of museums, aquariums and other public spaces coming to us live from inside their businesses. The Tulsa Zoo is doing a great job with their virtual fun! The Tulsa Botanic Garden has been showing videos of their beautiful tulips that have now bloomed. Find TulsaKids’ list of these local, virtual opportunities here.

There is also a wave of compassion and unique forms of communication going on. I had a friend lose a sister this week. It is not okay for me to see her, but the lovely local company The Makerage teamed up with Retro Den. The Makerage will post on their Instagram stories a plant and flower pot they created. Then you can purchase this and they will deliver it to someone who needs a smile. 

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Photo from @themakerage

GT asked that people put their Christmas lights back up as a symbol of hope. We put some outside our garage. In our neighborhood there is someone who is putting a different painting outside their home everyday. Now the girls and I are ready to see what they put out tomorrow. Today we chalked and people on walks instantly smiled going by. 

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I want the girls to know what is going on but also to enjoy this different season we were not expecting. They have so many questions about who made the virus, why this happened, when will they see their friends, and the list goes on. Over the weekend, Reese lost her first tooth. It is fun to still have those tiny milestones happen that can get your kids so excited. 

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I think about the day before we were told to change our routines. What would I have done differently if I knew what I do now? In the future I know I will not wait on things. I know that if I really want to do something, it needs to be done. And I know in my heart that with this time at home to reflect, that when life is changed again, I will not have as many items waiting on my to-do life list.

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