Embracing 2020:

Old habits I want to keep, and new areas to focus on

With a switch to a new decade it is impossible for there not to be extra excitement. Entering into a new year feels like things that have been weighing on me have fallen off. Those to-do items suddenly get a check. But my favorite is the feeling of the unknown. I like to imagine what will happen in 2020. What opportunity will knock on my door? What miracle will I get to experience? Who will I meet that could impact my life? 

While all the new decade feelings are inspiring, I first want to recognize things I want to continue to do in 2020. 

  • Explore new places for the girls and I to discover. Now that they are in school more, adventures take more planning. Yet they always provide the best memories with my favorite duo. 
  • Believing in people when they are struggling. I will often have dreams about people, or they will pop in my mind frequently. This intuition is something that for the majority of the time is spot-on. When someone believes in you, it can allow you that extra boost to start believing in yourself. 
  • Choosing to wake up grateful each day. No matter what is going on in my life, I am grateful. The amount of joy I am able to experience even on the most challenging days from being grateful is impossible to measure. 
  • Following my gut allows the path of learning. I tell the girls all the time: No matter what age you are, there is always something to learn. Listening to my inner voice helps me to not be afraid to make changes or leap for something that seems like a large goal. 
  • Surrounding myself with the best people is contagious. There good energy rubs off and me and challenges me to be a better person. 

There are some areas I want to focus on in 2020. 

  • Being present is a challenge for me. Not only can I get distracted by something shiny, I also want to do 20 things at once. Yet I know when I am present, I am able to truly enjoy where I am right at that moment. 
  • Living a healthy life. A day can fly by with meetings, chores and life items so that you forget the basics of living a healthy life. I am working on fueling my body with more plant-based options, working out consistently and health check-ups. 
  • Trying new things is something that I need to do more often. Also, it is a good example for the girls. They are already at an age where they worry about new things. I want to show them that it is never too late. 

When I asked the girls if they had New Year’s resolutions this is what they said:

“I will live on a trampoline.” – Reese

“I want a dog.”- Blythe

While both are interesting resolutions, I love how it shows the joy of being a kid. Reese clearly thinks it would be fun to live on a trampoline. And Blythe has now asked for a dog 2.7 million times. The year 2020 is also so cool with it having 366 days. I love leap years. When I looked at all the photos on my phone from 2019, I loved reviewing the highlights: going on trips, watching silly dance videos and the triumphs of awareness days for causes close to my heart. 

So bring all the opportunity my way, 2020. I know I am reaching out to people hoping to make their 2020 a bright one. 

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