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A blog about sinus infections and how to fight them

There are a million reasons to love living in Oklahoma. But of course there are some challenges too. Having a bad allergy day is a frequent topic of conversation.  Last year I thought I was having a series of allergy episodes. I would be tired, dizzy, sneezing and headachy. With last year being another crazy Oklahoma weather year of floods, extra spring time and rare cold days, it seemed to make sense. After an extensive allergy test, I learned I was allergic to dust and some rare weed. Due to my symptoms the doctor realized something was still missing. Next up was a CT scan that revealed that both of my sinuses were blocked.

It feels odd to write a blog post about sinuses. The reason I decided to is because I realized so many people suffer from sinus infections. And I’ve been fascinated by how many people have interesting suggestions for curing sinus infections. I thought sharing about this might help someone. Plus, it shows my age when I am writing a post about sinuses.

Due to one of my sinuses being completely blocked and the other at 60%, the plan of attack from the doctor is 3 months of steroids and antibiotics. Well, I believe in these meds, but gosh they make your body feel awful. So I have started taking suggestions from fellow sinus sufferers. My goal is to not get sinus surgery. Yet if necessary, I will go that route. Oddly, along the way I have loved trying all of these random suggestions.


Standing outside Pure Barre

The first item I added back into my life was going to Barre 3. I went there consistently for the first half of last year and felt so much more energy. Per most adults, I often put myself last on my to-do list. So this year I have two friends who join me consistently. Yes, I know we are only a few weeks into this year. No time like the present to keep that fitness train going. All those good benefits of working out will help. Next month I will be going to Pure Barre Midtown for a workout, and I want to go back to Studio Pop for some classes. These are items I have been wanting to do for months but now they are back to top priority.


The last time I felt like I do now was in college. Then, I consistently did acupuncture. I have started going to Hays Chiropractic for adjustments and acupuncture. This is another area I put off and am glad it is back on my weekly routine. When I have posted images of me getting acupuncture on social media, I have never received so many direct messages. Acupuncture has tons of health benefits. Dr. Hays helped me come up with a plan to try to help the pain I am still feeling plus helping my body fight these infections. The girls are getting to go consistently again, which is amazing since this will boost their immune system during this epic year of the flu.

Reese getting adjusted

Neti Pot

One thing that grosses out half of the population, while the other half says it’s their jam is the Neti Pot. Yes, I know, but call me part of the it’s-my-jam fan club. The doctor recommended I switch to this sleek model. It was easy to add this to my bag of tricks to fight these infections. I tried to find it local but all of the shops by my house were sold out, so I went to Amazon.

Essential Oils, Etc.

The other list of items people recommend were essential oils, which I am using in the shower and at night. One of my friends was like, “You smell like peppermints.” Yes, I am officially embracing acting like I am 89 years old. Two different nasal sprays, ginger, steam showers, saunas, air purifiers and massages. I have started juicing again in the mornings. No clue if it will help, but I love how I feel after getting 8 servings of fruit before the sun comes up.

Trying an ice roller

Please share with me any other tips you have that helped your sinus issues. In the meantime, I will just be experimenting with all of the suggestions from above. And working on a post that makes me feel more youthful for next week.


Hays Chiropractic


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Barre 3:

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