Connect2Compete: Cox Communications’ Affordable Internet Program for Students

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Preparing kids for the future is a focus for all families. Each family is unique in how they choose to arm their children with the tools needed for a successful future. One of the biggest joys of my life is being able to help kids. Now, my ways of helping might be simple, but the impact kids leave on my heart are major. 

For the past year I have had the joy of being on the Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School development board. I often mention in my blogs that I am a huge believer in fate. Also, that I struggle with always wondering why I am asked to do certain things, or how can I make an impact when the rest of the board is filled with the ultimate All-Stars. 

But per usual I find my little place and am grateful for the Universe bringing me these opportunities. Cox Communications is the largest telecommunication provider in Oklahoma. Cox dedicates countless staff members to implement programs that change the Tulsa community. As a consumer, I do my best to support companies that are community focused. It is important to me to support brands that give back. Cox checks that box for me. 

It was brought to my attention that Cox offers a program called Cox Connect2Compete. This program allows families the opportunity for affordable home Internet with wifi that starts at $9.95 per month.  Having affordable wifi impacts a home with students. We live in the era where students are often expected to complete their homework online or to research projects online.

Many families who do not have wifi at home have their children completing school work on their phone. As someone who has tried to complete tasks like this on a phone, let me tell you, it takes forever. Plus the majority of the time your screen freezes, you lose the work completely or are unable to navigate certain tasks properly. 

Cox Connect2Compete is designed to help families who would not be able to add a wifi bill on their list of monthly expenses. 

Growing up in Tulsa I had some friends who attended Saints Peter & Paul. Like most schools over a 30 year span, (Yes, I am no spring chicken), the demographic of the students changes. This board was created to help a school that is trying hard to change the future opportunities for the students who attend. Over 95% of the students who attend Saints Peter & Paul receive government assistance. This school is a huge family. They are a family that wants each student to succeed. Beyond succeeding, they want them to have the same opportunities that all students deserve. 

Since I am on the Peter & Paul board, I know first-hand the needs of the school and students. I also know we are not rare. There are tons of schools, students, families and teachers who are fighting hard for fair opportunities for students. It makes no difference if you go to public, homeschool, Catholic or a charter school. We all know there is not an easy answer to this want. But Cox is providing an option to help students learn more at home. 

After learning more about this program I met with the community team at Cox. I let them know that I would love to have them meet these awesome families that attend Peter & Paul. When I asked the principal if families knew about the Connect2Compete program, she got a pulse that the majority were unaware.

So one evening, I got to join Cox as they set up computers for families to apply online to see if they qualify for Cox Connect2compete. Of course I had told them how these families have a huge part of my heart. Cox went above and beyond and provided pizza, cookies and treats for all of the families. Even if they did not apply for the program, that was not the purpose. Giving back is what was important. Two families won computers in a drawing we held there. My wish is to find a way to get every family something like this to help impact home learning. 

Each person who is reading this knows someone who could apply to see if they qualify for Cox Connect2Compete. Maybe you qualify for this program or are a teacher who knows students who would be impacted by having this as an option in their home. 

To see if you apply, visit here:

The main criteria for Connect2Compete is as follows:

To qualify for the Cox Connect2Compete affordable internet program, your household must have at least one K-12 student and participate in a government assistance program.* Applicants may need to provide documentation for eligibility.  The application process includes a few simple steps:

  1. We will confirm that you have not subscribed to Cox High Speed Internet service in the last 90 days and have no outstanding Cox bills or unreturned equipment.
  2. Once approved, you can choose between self-installation or in-person setup.
  3. For in-person setup, a Cox representative will schedule a home visit to install any necessary outlets, setup your WiFi modem and activate internet access.

Thank you, Cox, for creating this program. I am hoping to hear that this impacted families in town who deserve an affordable Internet option.

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