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Attending Bishop Kelley's Cheer Camp

Over the summer, Blythe & Reese attended Bishop Kelley cheer camp. Dropping them off that first day brought back all of the feels. All of my family attended Bishop Kelley, including me and my cousins.

Now, I have lots of spirit, yet I cannot do a flip, jump or coordinated cheer to save my life. So let’s just say I was not on the cheer squad in high school. Nevertheless, there was never a Friday night I missed a Bishop Kelley football game. As a kid, that was the highlight of my week. Getting to cheer on the Comets, see my friends and be there with my family.

Growing up, the sport I knew the best was football. All things BK and football are big memories of my Dad. When my Dad passed away, my brother was playing football at BK. The first game of the season, the team surprised my family and had every player wear his number, 71, on a wrist band. This gesture still gives me chills today.

Last Friday was Cheerleader For a Day. The girls got to perform with the cheerleaders. My amazing cousin Lucy is a BK cheerleader. So the girls got to be with her, their cousin Piper and many of their friends. To make the world even cooler, my Dad’s best friend’s daughter is the head cheer coach. This all set me up for an evening of just a full heart. Now, my girls may be more like their Mom. They have tons of spirit. Still working on kicks, back handsprings and cheer basics.

The community I live in is a constant reminder of how the small things make a huge impact. For a moment I went back in time to the days of my youngest brother on my Dad’s shoulders at every game. To the days where I played tag during the games and ate endless cotton candy. Then my heart thinks of how it would be if my Dad had been there on Friday.  I would trade anything to see my Dad with my two girls. Even allowing myself to think of those 3 humans being together brings tears to my eyes.

Blythe has requested to go to more games and cheer. She does not realize we do not have access to the field the rest of the season. But there is no doubt she is loud, and her cheers will be heard wherever she may be. Often, going back to an old stomping grounds can be odd. For me it felt like being back at home. Go Comets!

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