Urban Air Adventure:

Tulsa's new trampoline park is all that and more

During the winter months every family in Tulsa is on the hunt for indoor options where kids can play. Over Christmas break we visited Urban Air a ton. Urban Air Adventure Park is located at 51st and Harvard. My girls call it the trampoline place. But it has so many options I will warn you the first visit there can seem a little overwhelming.

The first time we went to Urban Air I did a little research beforehand. We went right after the opening. The website and Facebook page had some details, but I still did not know how much it would cost for my family to spend an afternoon at Urban Air. When we arrived, the girls could hardly contain their excitement. Like other places, each parent must fill out a waiver. Great news is you only have to do that once a year. Next, you have the option to purchase your pass on their computer or get in line. I opted to get in line because there were so many packages I did not know what would be best for our family. Well, the first time we ended up spending triple what we were supposed to. On my second visit I had a staff member who was very kind and who took the time to explain that they have a pass for kids 5 and under that costs $8.99. With that, a parent can also get a parent pass for $5.99 to join on the fun. Too bad we spend so much money the first time for no reason, but I was glad to know for the future.

If you have kids over 5, there are tons of different package options. Packages range from $15 to $30. I highly recommend asking a staff member to guide you through the first time until you are a pro!

a young girl smiles in a ball pit at urban air adventure in tulsa

Once you are there, you can stay for as long as you like. And with all of the many options I highly recommend making it a lengthy activity. The Tubes Playground is the first stop always for my crew. If you recall playing at McDonald’s as a kid, well, this is the super-sized version of that. You have to be under a certain height to go to this area because it is meant for the smaller kids. There are various slides, areas to climb and a cannon ball swing. It is not too hard to see through the mesh and check on your kids. Also, in the handful of times we have gone to Urban Air I have been impressed by the staff. They have always helped my kids if they have gotten stuck or fallen, and I see them helping other families, too.


The Warrior Course reminds me of American Ninja Warrior. On the outside of the 4 entries you will see the level of skill that each course is designed for. I did not notice this feature until I took the girls on the most difficult option, and I felt like I was getting a major workout in! Now they stick to the one that is at their skill level and love climbing the rope bridge.

Next, the girls like the Drop Zone. In this area you can run, flip or jump and land on a huge inflatable that is at the same level. Sometimes I just want to lay there and not get up. Anyone else?

The trampoline areas are just like those at other trampoline parks, but there is a sectioned area for 5 and under only. That space was helpful when there were huge crowds over the holidays. The other times we have gone, the space has not been too busy.

There is a dodgeball area, a trampoline section with soft balls for playing dodgeball. Over the break no one was in there, so it was fun to have the moms and kids play against each other!

The climbing wall usually always has a line, and I can see why. The girls can climb a series of walls. And yes, for the 5 and under package everything I have mentioned is included in the price. They will check your height in the various sections, but if your child is at that height you can enjoy all of this fun! Reese of course made the wall a competition. Love that about her. And Blythe was cool just testing it out a few times.

a view of the rock climbing wall at urban air adventure

My girls are too small but it seems to me the most popular attraction is the Sky Rider Indoor Coaster. Kids get to fly through the sky. The line is always steady for this. And there is a permanent smile plastered to each kids face when they ride this. 🙂

If you are looking for something to do with your kids, I would highly suggest going to Urban Air. It is fun and unique to Tulsa. I have seen tons of birthday parties when we have been there. No doubt my girls would love to have a party there. Also, they have a full area where you can purchase food and drinks. My one big wish is that they offered season passes. That would be a nice bonus.



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