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One Magical Place

*Editor’s Note: This blog post was sponsored by Chapman Green Arts, but this opinions expressed all belong to Jen Kerckhoff!

The Deco District in Tulsa is one of my favorite parts of the city, and now this area is also home to the Tulsa Art Alley. The murals lining the alley provide the perfect photo backdrops, and the magic of the old buildings is so special. This area is filled with history, local restaurants and Chapman Green, which is home to the beautiful Tulsa Stickwork created by artist Patrick Dougherty. I am proud to have this in the Chapman Green as the first one of his installations in Oklahoma.

Fairy Festival

This summer I got to experience two special events held on the Chapman Green. The name is new for this area, but I promise you have walked by this place a million times. The first event we attended was Chapman Green Arts’ Fairy Festival. We brought some of our friends to explore this first-time event. Each parent kept asking, “Are all of these activity stations free?” We asked the staff and found out, yes, it was all free, thanks to the H.A. Chapman Foundation. They have partnered with Tulsa Mayfest to host events at Chapman Green.

The only thing you pay for at these events are if you choose to purchase food, drinks, art or other items offered by local pop-up shops.

I hope the Fairy Festival will return next year. The girls enjoyed making fairy wands, painting, listening to music and going through the Stickwork. It was such a special evening.

Cosmos Creation: A Galaxy Festival

This past weekend, Reese and I went to Cosmos Creation: A Galaxy Festival.

The first thing we saw was the Elote bus, filled with their amazing food. People, Elote has been my favorite since it opened. If you ask the owner, Libby, how often I have eaten there, it’s an embarrassing number.

It is perfect for Elote to have a pop-up because they are located within walking distance from the park. Libby is one of the biggest champions of downtown and deserves everyone’s business. Now, can someone please bring me a skinny margarita and a smoking hot quesadilla? Okay, back to my post.

Reese’s number one thing to do at home is make slime, and she spotted the slime station at Galaxy Festival instantly. Kids got to create cosmic slime using sparkly glue and glitter.

Additionally, there was a series of stations where kids could create. The rock-painting station was so fun. They even had glow-in-the-dark paint. Then, there was an area to spray bright paint onto black paper, creating galaxy-inspired masterpieces.

Making bracelets was a nice way to top our evening off.

Both the Fairy Festival and Cosmos Creation had a themed face-painting station

Reese explained to me how this was the best night. It is rare that I get to have alone time with her. It was truly a night I will never forget. We ran through the stick art and walked to Decopolis to get a sweet treat. The entire night was perfection.

Fun at Decopolis!

There are other events that we have not been able to explore yet. On Tuesday, Chapman Green Arts hosts Games on the Green. I’m hoping I can take some of my co-workers there soon to have some fun during the day.

There are tons of fun movies planned and other festivals. To look at all of the events that are coming up, go here:

I am grateful that there are so many places in Tulsa where my family can play. The Chapman Green is now on our family’s rotation of places to go and create new memories.

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