Hues for Hope:

The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorder's annual fundraiser is October 4

Tulsa is a city filled with giving hearts. Due to this fact, there are weekly opportunities to attend non-profit events. There is one event coming up that is close to my heart. Hues for Hope celebrates the beautiful children affected by a rare, terminal condition. This event raises funds for to accelerate treatment options for peroxisomal disorders.

For the past 4 years, I have had the joy of working with The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders (GFPD). This is the foundation that benefits from Hues for Hope. The reason I am involved in this organization is Melissa Bryce Gamble, whom I have known my entire life. Once you meet Mel, I dare you to not think she is the most brilliant person in the room.

Melissa Bryce Gamble

The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders (GFPD) is an international nonprofit headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, founded by Melissa Bryce Gamble. There are families in over 32 countries that are part of this organization.

Melissa’s daughter was diagnosed with this rare disorder. Once that happened, she knew in her heart that creating a foundation to raise funds, research and hope was the only option. Her daughter Ginny lost her battle with this terrible disorder. In her honor, Melissa often wears the color pink. This was the inspiration behind Hues for Hope.

Melissa Bryce Gamble and her daughter, Ginny

Hues for Hope is October 4 at the Tulsa Club Hotel. Hues for Hope will include original art created by  artists and families impacted by peroxisomal disorders. The attire for this event is to wear your favorite Hue. To have a sea of color in the room instantly provides a smile. At Hues, there will be a silent auction, lots of art, a live auction, Plinko and fun!

Silent Auction at last year’s Hues for Hope

The Tulsa art community is one that stands out in the United States. Emily Webb is the art co-chair this year. The art she is donating and gathering from other artists is just beyond outstanding. Other artists include Chris Mantel, Cheri Sitton, Samantha Jezek, Eileen Bryce, Sully String and Betty Casey. These are just some of the over 25 artists that have donated.

Artist Emily Webb

Painting by Emily Webb

Painting by Cheri Sitton

I know there are many choices on how to choose to spend your time. One ticket to Hues is $75. This includes dinner, drinks and the opportunity to meet GFPD families. Please consider spending October 4 at Hues. Foxy Pots will be creating pottery live at the event. This is something I have never seen at an event like Hues, and I am pumped to watch this. She is so talented. Plus, she has already done so much for Hues.

Foxy Pots Pottery

Last year my Grandmother, whom we call Munner, rocked it at the giant Plinko board made by Brant Gamble.

This event will pull at your heart, have you laughing, crying and helping families. As a member of the GFPD board, if you ask me about the GFPD, I always have to pause. My first reaction is to tear up, but not for the reason you may think. The families I have met through this organization honestly changed part of my heart. They live a different life, one where their eyes are grateful for the little things. Yet, they are real and allow people like me to ask tough questions. This community continues to embrace volunteers like myself.

In return, I am grateful for everyone who has liked a social media post, purchased a ticket, bought a raffle ticket or just asked about Hues. If my girls were to ever get sick, I would want the support I see with the GFPD community. “Thank you” sounds simple, but truly it means more than anyone knows.

Before Hues, there are two other ways to support. This first one is this Friday. Join the Hues for Hope team at the First Friday Art Crawl on September 6th at Glacier Bean to Bar! From 6-10 p.m. stop by Glacier Bean to Bar. They have created two Hues for Hope truffles where 100% or the proceeds go back to Hues.

Also, these amazing artists are donating 25% back from everything they sell to Hues: Emily Webb Design, Lizzie DiSilvestro Art, The Makerage,  Lauraelisabeth Art,  Mr. B’s Bow Ties. This event is come and go. So even if you go by for 30 minutes that is making an impact. Glacier Bar to Bean is even donating 25% of all proceeds that night back to Hues. I will be there after the girls perform at the BK football game.

The next way you can support is this Saturday at Lolly Garden. There will be a Hues for Hope table there selling tickets and raffle tickets. There will be treats, prizes and the chance to win 2 free tickets.

If you have been considering a ticket, table, sponsorship or donation please consider doing so today! You can go online now to purchase your tickets and sponsorship at

Also, feel free to follow Hues on social media.

When moments of life seem too strong, the small gestures of others can fill your heart.

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