Adorn Designs:

A new place to get your halls decked out this holiday season

There are stores that bring a smile to your face the instant you walk in. Adorn Designs is a brand new store located in Tulsa that brings a smile upon arrival. The owner of this local store is the ultimate in creating magical experiences. This shop is filled with every item you can imagine to make your home festive this holiday season. The trees are filled with the most unique ornaments. The sugar plum tree I feel is screaming my name to join me in my home. Everything your eye can see is available for purchase.


Whitney Eslicker started this store after getting so many demands for her custom trees and wreaths. She has fond memories from childhood of shopping in local stores and creating those traditions each season.

But do not get confused about this store just being for holiday decorations. There is a huge area of gifts that are ideal for anyone who has a birthday coming up. Many of the vendors carried in the gifts section are local business owners. Personally, I love the notepads and cards. People in my life often need an extra smile, and I know just where to go to make that happen.


A huge reason I also support Adorn Designs is the vibe. I know if you hang out with me on the regular, you know vibe is important to me. There is just something about being around people who you know are welcoming, and the entire staff at Adorn is that way. They want everyone in your family to feel comfortable shopping there. Yes, there are some potentially breakable items here, but kids are 100% welcome.

To confirm that this is the case, they are kicking off this holiday season with Santa. This Saturday and Sunday they have an event where you can buy photos with Santa. You have to book in advance, but here is the link: Each kid will have 15 minutes to discuss anything and everything with Santa!  A photographer will be there to capture the whole experience, sending you home with a thumb drive of 5-7 photos of the appointment.  The kiddos will also get a special present to take home!

A huge advantage of shopping in stores like Adorn Designs is that they often offer special events, too. In 2019, they plan to host classes and events, where you can take classes from the pros about how to make wreaths, arrange flowers, and gift wrap.

unicorn tree at adorn design another view of the unicorn tree at adorn designs

Whitney is still going to homes around Tulsa and doing custom installs for the holidays, as she doesn’t plan to quit working with clients to make their holidays shine bright. Having a storefront now allows more people to experience celebrating all year long. Friday I am taking my kids after school to pick out an ornament for our trip. This is a tradition we will do each year.

I always admire small businesses owners. Not only are you helping to continue to make Tulsa unique, but you are showing my kids how to listen to your heart and do what makes you happy.

Adorn Tulsa

317 S. Trenton Ave.

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