Dismantling Racism Toolkit: Resources from TulsaKids.Com

Here, you will find a list of articles published on TulsaKids.com that cover talking with your children about race and racism.

Dismantling Racism: Facebook Live Series

Watch all sessions of our Dismantling Racism series with Quraysh Ali Lansana.

Every Person is Worthy of Dignity and Respect

Author and mother Dr. Tamecca Rogers talks about discussing the Tulsa Race Massacre with her son, Keith Ross. Their discussion lead the mother-son writing team to author a book for kids about the Tulsa Race Massacre.

Perception Versus Reality: A Meditation on Racism 

Writer Quraysh Ali Lansana writes about his experience with racism, and how white people need to come to understand that Black history is white history.

How to Discuss Race and Racism With Your Child

This article by Claire Combs asks the question, “Is it OK to talk to kids about race?” It also discusses some different approaches parents might take when it comes to talking to kids about race, and ways parents can get involved in creating a more just society. It ends with a list of resources, including books.

How to Talk to Children About Race and Diversity

Kelli McLoud-Schingen, president of the Tulsa-based KMS Intercultural Consulting, shares advice for talking to kids about race and diversity. Among other things, McLoud-Schingen recommends that these conversations be ongoing and that parents expose their children to different cultures and languages. She ends by sharing some local and national resources.

Talking to Kids About White Supremacy

Following two mass shootings, Betty Casey shares advice from an article published on COLORLINES.com titled “The Dos and Don’ts of Talking to Kids About White Supremacy.” 

What to Say in the Face of Bigotry? Say Something

Research shows that children are not colorblind. On the contrary, children as young as three years old may develop racial biases. Because of this, parents have a duty to help their children understand images they see on the media, such as hate rallies, etc., and to teach their kids how to be proactive in response to hate and racism. Tulsa City-County Library also shares some of their booklists and other resources that can help promote civil discourse.

On PRIDE, Protests and Parenting

Guest blogger Fernande Galindo writes about raising their children to protest injustice and discrimination. From ongoing conversations about systems of oppression that affect those around them to taking them to participate in protests, and more.

Nine Things to Teach Kids for a More Just Future

Do you want to raise kids who care about justice? From making them aware of global events, to teaching them that it’s a virtue to admit when they’ve been wrong, Kristi Roe Owen shares nine practical ideas for parents.

Meet North Tulsa Advocate Darryl Bright

Darryl Bright, founder of Citizens United for a Better Educational System (CUBES), has been an advocate for education in North Tulsa for decades. Learn more about the discrimination and challenges North Tulsa schools face and how CUBES is advocating for students in those schools.

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