Halloween Recipes

Looking for fun treats to make with your kids this Halloween? Here are some suggestions, taken from our archives! Find great, kid-friendly recipes year-round at tulsakids.com/food.

Halloween Party Recipes

Includes recipes for Homemade Caramel Apples, Halloween Punch and Candy Corn Popcorn Balls

Halloween Treats to Make With Kids

Includes recipes for Banana Ghosts, Strawberry Ghosts, Mandarin Orange Pumpkins, Green Apple Monsters and Chocolate Bats

Fingers, Three Ways

Includes recipes for Witches’ Knuckles (pictured), Bandaged Fingers, Swamp Creature Claws and Monster Toes

Spooky Foods for Little Goblins

Includes recipes for Crescent Roll Mummies, Toothy Monster Grins, Staring-at-You Subs, and Spiders in My Pizza

Popcorn Ghouls

Breadstick Bones, Banana Ghosts and Eyeballs

Sweet and Savory Fall Recipes

Includes recipes for Pumpkin Soup, Apple Salad, Popcorn Bars and Leftover Halloween Candy Bars