Quaran-teen Stories: Part 2

An interview with my friend Grace

For the second installment of my interviews about how COVID-19 has affected teens, I turned to my friend Grace E. to see what quarantine was like from a public-school perspective.

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Q: Hi, Grace!  What school do you attend, and what are some of your hobbies?

A: I just finished my junior year at Jenks High School.  In my spare time I like to play the violin, bake, read, do yoga, and play tennis.

Q: Can you tell us what a normal school day was like for you before COVID-19?

A:  I would normally get up around seven, and school started at 9:15.  I had three classes before lunch, and three after.  Then at 3:55 I’d take the bus home to do my homework and attend Challenge Girls, a girls’ Bible study.

Q: How did your daily life change due to COVID-19 and the stay-at-home order?

A: My school life changed a lot with the stay-at-home order.  After spring break, Jenks started distance learning, and we began doing all of our work at home, from our Chromebooks. Some of my classes met on a Google Meet, and for others we just turned our work in online.  I still had to take my four AP tests, but they were shortened a bit, which was nice.

Q: Do you have any tips or systems that helped you to manage your time and get your work done?

A: I found that keeping a consistent schedule helped me to get the most out of my day, so I’d wake up at about 8:30 and then start my schoolwork at 9:45. Depending on my workload, I could usually finish my schoolwork around 3:00.  Then I had free time to watch movies and hang out with my family.

Q: What has been the hardest part about all of this?  Do you think that anything good has come out of it?

A: It was hard to not get to see my friends very often.  We did FaceTime some, but I didn’t get to say goodbye in person to my friends who were seniors, because I thought I would see them after spring break.  Challenge Girls meetings ended for a while since we couldn’t meet in person. And some big events were canceled, like Jenks’ prom, and my family’s vacation.  But I did really like that with distance learning, I didn’t have “homework” (just class work), so once I finished my assignments I had the rest of the afternoon and evening free.  And I realized that going to school and seeing my friends is such a privilege and should not be taken for granted.

Q: What do you feel is important for people to keep in mind during this time?

A: I think it is important to remember that everyone is going through a similar experience, and even if we aren’t able to gather in person, technology can allow us to communicate.  Reaching out to family and friends through video call is a great way to stay connected.

I want to say thank you to Grace for letting me interview her, and for sharing some helpful organization tips for school and life.

About Sarah Ray:

Hi!  I’m Sarah, and I’m 16.  I have always liked to write, and have kept a journal since the age of seven.  I also enjoy gardening, reading, and playing the piano.  I’m very excited to reprise my role as guest blogger this summer!

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