How to Survive Summer in Tulsa

Walking outside feels like I am walking into a steam shower. My Grams reminding me that she grew up here with no air conditioning makes me forever thankful for this invention. It also reminds me to not complain too much. So operation embrace the heat has begun at our home.

With the purchase of $4 plastic pools the girls have the opportunity to cool off. When those days seem extra toasty a popsicle is provided to add a moment of chill.

At school and in St. Louis my kids became hooked on tricycles. This new purchase has also helped entertain in the heat. Blythe has created a bike shop. She will add air to your tires, and if you try to leave before she is done, it is not a pretty sight.

The Dollar Store also has become a frequent spot. Painting outside in the shade is an ideal spot for toddler art inspiration.

Lounging with nothing but a diaper on and feeding crackers to the birds is a nice way to end a steamy summer day.

In the past two weeks we have gone to the Aquarium, the mall and Tulsa Children’s Museum more times than I can count!

Toddlers continue to just want the simple things. Carbs, paint and a few temporary tattoos!

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