Exploring Mother Road Market

This new addition to Route 66 opens November 2!

The new attractions that have opened in Tulsa this year are impressive. Tulsa is already filled with numerous options for families. Last week I had the lucky opportunity to get a sneak peak of Mother Road Market. This Friday, November 2, the Mother Road Market opens to the public.

When I went for my tour, I was giddy. This place is ideal for so many audiences. There are over 20 retail and restaurant spaces inside. First things first, this place has amazing hours. They open at 8 a.m., 7 days a week.  There are not many places that open that early 7 days a week. To make sure I could tell all of you how amazing the vendors area, I tried to taste or shop from a variety of vendors. Also, I had so much fun exploring there by myself that as soon as the girls got out of school I had to take them to explore, too.

For lunch, I chose to eat at & Tacos. The quesadillas and tacos where tasty. I had plenty to share with a friend. Also loved all the sauce options to choose from on their counter. Next stop was one of my favorite local businesses, OK Cookie Momster. Their always-hot and always-fresh cookies are addicting! Your taste buds will thank you for stopping by. On this day I had a little bit of everything. My favorite is the CookieMomster, one of their most popular items. Two cookies sandwiched with their signature buttercream in the middle. My kids will tell you their M&M and sprinkle cookies are their favorite.

quesadilla and a salad on a tray at mother road market blythe and reese hold cookies from ok cookiemomster at mother road market 

Everyone in Tulsa knows how awesome the Tulsa Farmers Market is. Well, the clever people of the Mother Road Market created a new concept called the Kitchen 66 General Store with Farm Stand by Tulsa Farmers Market.  This area will allow your farmer’s market dreams to come true all year round. This trip I just window shopped, but I’ll be going back this week to get a few gifts for upcoming birthdays. Also, this store is important for another reason: this where you rent your items for mini golf ($3/person). Yes, this indoor market is truly the best! In the back there is a mini golf course that features historic Route 66 locations.

blythe and reese select mini golf clubs at mother road market 

The mini-golf course is on the perimeter of the huge space outside. There is no doubt you will instantly recognize some of these iconic landmarks. The Blue Whale in Catoosa is one of the holes, and the Gateway Arch located in St. Louis is another. Both girls expressed how much they loved mini-golf.

blythe and reese play mini golf at mother road market playing the blue whale mini golf hole at mother road market 

The entire outside area is covered, which is genius because it can be enjoyed all year round. It kind of reminds me of The Hub on 30A. Blythe liked to dance and spin on the turf. There is plenty of seating to enjoy all your treats from the Mother Road. There is even a convenient walk-up window if you would like to order anything from their full-service bar called the WEL Bar. My mother-in-law and I enjoyed a few drinks while the girls played! The bar also has a full-service coffee bar. Outside, there is a cute car the kids can sit in and pretend to drive. One of my favorite details in this space is the stunning mural painted by Ghazal Ghazi.


After we spent some time outside, it was time to go in and explore some more. We decided to try some treats from Andolini’s. Per usual, their food was outstanding, and they have a new concept they are also introducing here called Metropolis. I plan on taking Steve back to try more of the Metropolis menu.

There is an entire area just for kids to play. There is a pretend store, grocery shopping area, books and so much more. The girls were entertained, and my mother-in-law and I got to to eat and drink while they played. No doubt parents and grandparents will be regulars.


Since I came before it officially opens, not everything was complete. I’m looking forward to going back weekly to try out all of the restaurants. Personally, I cannot wait to try Nice Guys Shrimp Shack and Bodhi’s Bowl. I know my brothers are pumped to try Chicken and the Wolf, which is a new concept from the creators of Lone Wolf.

Thank you Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation for creating such an outstanding space, one where people of all ages can enjoy local treats. You have turned a 1939 grocery building to a modern-day market.

For more details on all things Mother Road Market make sure to go to their website: motherroadmarket.com. There are events on their website and a full list of vendors.

Make sure to add The Mother Road Market to the top of your list of places to visit this fall.

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