Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios on 66

Mary Beth Babcock's newest business is a cozy, quirky gift shop

There is no one that is a better example of following your heart than Mary Beth Babcock. She is the definition of someone who makes dreams into reality–of course, not without a lot of hard work. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary Beth for over 10 years. The moment you meet her it is impossible not to smile. She oozes creativity. Her energy is her contagious. And this powerful spirit does not take no for an answer when her heart is saying the opposite. Buck Atom’s is the latest dream to come to reality for Mary Beth. This shop is located on historic Route 66. The inspiration for this shop came from a space cowboy she had created many years ago. The road that lead her to this new shop also included soul searching.

mary beth babcock in front of buck atom's

I have no doubt that many of you have visited Dwelling Spaces. This shop was one of the first to open downtown during the revitalization. When she stopped working with the shop she missed the local partnerships, creative synergy and opportunity to create unique merchandise.

A few weeks ago the girls got to go to Buck’s for the first time. They first noticed the amazing robot that greets you when you walk in. Also, they loved the brightly painted exterior. I have already been to Buck’s a few time to shop for gifts. The inside is cozy, but there are plenty of gift options for someone you love. Mary Beth has relationships with numerous artist communities. When you step in you instantly want to know the story behind each product.

blythe and reese pose in front of a robot at buck atom's cosmic curios two children pose in front of a sign saying welcome to buck atom's on 66

When you are at the store you also get to meet Buck, which is a cool photo opportunity for all ages. Each week there are different events at the store. Sometimes there are artists who bring their latest work, or one of the local food trucks will be there to make it an extra-special experience.


Shopping at Buck’s. We added this print to our Christmas wish list!


They also have these Christmas ornaments! And Blythe got this rock to take home 🙂

Right now I am the most excited about the latest dream that is coming to a reality for Mary Beth.  One of the neat things about Route 66 are the cool attractions. So in true fashion she dreamed of having one of the “American Giants” at her store. Thanks to a friend who introduced  her to Mark Cline, who builds fiberglass sculptures, in the future there will be a 20-foot Space Cowboy Buck Atom roadside attraction. The city has already approved this sculpture, now money just needs to be raised to complete this future Route 66 attraction. You can shop in her store or online and donate today. If you donate $50, you can get a shirt while supplies last.

Sketch of the 20-foot Buck Atom statue

Places like Buck Atom’s Cosmic Curios on 66 have such a cool story. What was once an old gas station is now a retail shop. The space may be cozy, but the time spent inside this space and talking with the people in the shop will brighten your day.


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