Storytime and Broken Bones

A trip to Kiddlestix Toy Store for their weekly storytime--and a trip to the doctor for a broken wrist.

Standing in front of the Kiddlestix mural.

Now that school is back in session we are working on our new normal. Finding activities for the girls and me to do on MWF is our new quest. Many of their close friends and family members are busy on these days, so we are on the hunt for new activities and adventures in Tulsa.


A few fellow Moms had mentioned that Kiddlestix Toy Store is now having storytime every Monday at 10. I invited a few other first-time friends, and we ventured to storytime. Blythe was not acting like herself. The day before when I went to the bathroom, I came back out to find out they were jumping on each other's bed. Blythe had fallen but then took a two hour nap. Before storytime, I noticed she would not use her arm. So I scheduled an appointment to get her arm checked out after storytime.



As soon as you enter Kiddlestix for storytime, you will see this adorable area for all the kids and adults to listen. On this day it was a story about a fox. They had fox stuffed animals you could hold during the reading. After the book was done, they passed out a fox craft. A major positive for this storytime is that it is geared toward all reading levels. That is always helpful for Moms who have kids at various ages; they will all feel comfortable to attend. After the activity, we of course stayed to shop and play with all of the toys. Kiddlestix has tons of parking and is locally owned. Two of my favorite Mom things. I was honestly the most excited to see the new mural on their outside wall. The mural was done by local artist Sarah Sullivan.



After the successful storytime, it was time to check out Blythe’s arm. Well, Mother’s intuition wins. Sure enough, the sweet girl broke her wrist. I have never broken a bone. Not only did I feel badly for her physical pain, but also for her emotional pain. Blythe does not prefer to be the center of attention. All this was going to do was put attention on her. But when you have a twin, there are so many bonuses. Reese will gladly explain and deflect the attention for Blythe. That same day one of their favorite humans, Carter, broke her shoulder. I am not kidding: I blame it on the eclipse. Since then, life has been anything but normal.



Per usual our family and friends made Blythe's breaking a bone an opportunity to show love. Thanks for all of the love and equal gifts for her twin sister. Now we are on the hunt for MWF activities that do not include water or sand until this cast is off. Java cheers!


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