You’re the Dilly to my Deli

Eating out with toddlers should be an Olympic sport. When searching for places to take the girls, a patio area is a win. But to have a patio with mini houses for kids to play in, well that is a grand slam. Dilly Diner is located in downtown Tulsa in the Blue Dome District.

When you walk in, it is the most stylish diner you will ever see. There is a great mix of people who frequent this establishment. It’s a great spot to grab drinks with girlfriends and/or take toddlers toe at. 

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love all breakfast items. So, if you’re like me, choosing from the menu will be a challenge. The girls loved eating in the booths. They serve nicely as a toddler corral. The nice hostess also brought crayons and a menu to color on. The girls got to have the Nutella waffles. They didn’t understand what they were waiting on, so in between waiting for our food they decided to explore. First up the bathroom. When they go to new places it is an obsession to go and wash their hands. If you see us out at a restaurant you will see us enter and exit the bathroom an absurd amount of times. Next, they discovered this magic land at Dilly Diner. Beyond the doors to the patio where houses that were just their size. Once this discovery was made, the rest of us had to move our food and java outside.

I wish there were more places like this in Tulsa – stellar food, great atmosphere and kid friendly. The girls played and would stop to eat and then repeat these steps for an hour. It really helps parents enjoy their dining experience, as well. 

This was a great start to our spring break. At home the go-to activity of the week is painting. For some reason though the girls think you when you paint you also paint your stomach. No clue where this came from. Just hoping this idea does not carry over to when they are painting at school.

The weather to start spring break is one for the record books! The park, bounce house and zoo have already been conquered.

Now if we can just recover from daylight savings time. Pass the lattes and Trader Joe’s chicken salad please.

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