Weekly Toddler Must-Dos in Tulsa

A veteran stay-at-home mom who I went to college with told me about Sky Zone Trampoline Park, or more specifically, their Toddler Hours. Every Tuesday/Thursday they offer toddler time. Only kids 5 and younger are allowed during this time slot to jump. I do wish they offered a discount if you bring multiple kids. See, Steve, I am trying to be thrifty. 🙂

After I first walked in, I noticed how much space the entire facility encompassed. We have been to places like this, but never one that was so open. They immediately got a gold star because I could see virtually every inch of the place in one scan. My girls were born with some “toddler pact” to rarely run in the same direction, so this is a huge plus. If there was a toddler dream land that we could visit each day this is it!

When you go to outings with kids this age, it is also important how the staff handles and reacts with all kids. There is such a big difference between a 1 year-old and a 5 year-old, but they are all allowed to jump at the same time. The staff was impressive by always making sure we were having fun and watching the entire time. It is not their job to babysit, but to monitor the entire situation. Bravo to them! Not only do I hope to go back once a month, it is also a front runner to host the girls’ 2nd Birthday in February.

For the toddler hours they place these HUGE beach balls on a portion of the trampoline. Have you ever met a toddler that did not like balls? Nope. Me either. The girls met a new friend at this play date, his name is Mr. Lincoln. He is the one year old son to my college friend. To date, this was one of my favorite mornings back in Tulsa.

Reese even experienced her first potential kiss from Lincoln. Reese kindly laughed and then Blythe jumped in the middle. If Steve would have saw this I think he would have passed out.

The running in between trampolines, sprinting to get snacks, jumping some more and diving into the foam pit provided me with the most priceless gift – simultaneous nap time! The girls both took a nap. For the exact same length of time. Let me just tell you this has maybe happened 3 times since their birth!

Next up was Bikes & Balls at Whiteside Recreation Center. Whiteside Recreation Center has been around since I was a child, but I never knew they had this genius activity for toddlers. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning they host Bikes & Balls. The entire gym is filled with balls, bikes and kids. The cost to enter this fun zone is .50/child. Best bargain of any outing. It is a bit of toddler haggling since some people bring their own items to ride and others do not. We brought items, but my kids always think other children’s toys and snacks are much grander than their own! I ran into two Moms I have not seen in years. It was an awesome surprise and one of the huge perks of living on Tulsa time. I enjoy the small town charm Tulsa offers. Also I got to meet a few other moms who read the blog. We have invited more friends to join us as we return next week. Until winter is over you will find us here.

I am grateful for all of the emails, texts and messages I have received of places to to visit and things to do in Tulsa with the girls. Please keep them coming by commenting below.  But there are a few things I am throwing out into the universe that I would love to see in Tulsa for parents with toddlers.

  1. A LOCAL java company to open a drive thru that also serves LOCAL tasty food.

  2. A LOCAL restaurant that is made for families – yummy food, a room for kids to color and a huge sandbox. Oh, and strong drinks.

  3. A delivery service that can drop off diapers, pick up meds, get birthday gifts picked up, etc.  So, really, a service that will deliver anything to my home!

If these things already exist I apologize. Please send me the details NOW!

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