Ways to Celebrate the New Year in Tulsa

Out with the old and in with the new year! Find places and events to celebrate the new year with your family in the Tulsa area.

We will update this list as information becomes available. If you know of an event we could add, please email our calendar editor, tara.rittler@gmail.com.


  • When: December 31, 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
  • Where: Sand Springs Cultural & Historical Museum, 9 E. Broadway St., Sand Springs

Children ages 8 and under are invited to a Noon Year’s Eve Balloon Drop at the Sand Springs Cultural & Historical Museum! Follow @SandSpringsMuseum on Facebook for updates.


  • When: TBD
  • Where: River Rest Festival Park, 2100 S. Jackson Ave.

Get a jump-start on your resolutions by racing into the new year at this fun, late-night 5K sponsored by Runners World. Plus, there will be music, fireworks at midnight and other festivities!

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First Day New Year’s Hike

  • When: TBD
  • Where: Turkey Mountain, 6850 S. Elwood Ave.
First Day Hikes are part of a nationwide initiative led by America’s Parks to encourage people to get outdoors. On New Year’s Day, thousands of hikers in all 50 states will be participating in First Day Hikes, getting their hearts pumping and enjoying the beauty of a their parks. Last year nearly 55,000 people rang in the New Year, collectively hiking over 133,000 miles throughout the country!
How it Works?
Go to Turkey Mountain anytime New Years Day and take a hike! That’s it! Start the new year off right!

10 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with the Kids

  1. Get out the fancy glasses (or plasticware). Get a variety of juices (orange, cranberry, grape) and some fizzy water, cider or soda and let kids create their own mocktails. Have a contest to come up with the most delicious drink and most inventive name.
  2. Winterfest in downtown Tulsa is still going strong. Why not take the family ice skating?
  3. Let the kids choose the songs and have a dance party. Or have each kid choose a song and come up with a dance to perform for the rest of the family.
  4. Write resolutions together. Talk to kids about your resolutions and why you picked them, and then help kids come up with some of their own. Write them down and post them, or put them in a time capsule to open next New Year’s Eve to see who kept their resolutions. You might even break a big resolution into smaller steps with one-month increments.
  5. If you’re having friends or family over, let the kids make a photo booth. Get a big roll of craft paper (white or a color) and let the kids decorate it with designs or a scene. Find some silly hats, glasses and other props and let everyone take pictures in the photo booth. There are also photobooth apps you can download.
  6. Make activity balloons. Write down any activity on a slip of paper (like “play Old Maid” or “Draw a picture of mom”) and put slips into balloons. Pop one an hour until midnight and do the activity in the balloon.
  7. Have each child pick a favorite book and, if he or she can read, read it to the family, or have mom or dad read it.
  8. Have a cozy movie night with hot cocoa, lots of blankets and pillows and popcorn.
  9. Gather supplies to make a family scrapbook showing the past year.
  10. Get noisemakers and supplies for kids to make crazy hats. At midnight, let them go outside to bang pots, make noise and celebrate the new year.
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