Water, No Fear and Toddlers

Water is at the top of my toddlers’ lists of favorite items on Earth. Unfortunately for me, the fear factor has never been there.  Last year the girls wanted to jump in every fountain they saw. It sounds a little wild, but not really. Splash pads and fountains look very similar to a 1-year-old.

Now that they are two we knew we had to start swim lessons. I discovered in my research that Tulsa has numerous top options for swim schools. We chose to start the girls out at Miller Swim School. Since they have never done any formal swim lessons they are starting at the basic level.

Before the lessons started the girls didn’t want to put the swim diapers on because they weren’t same pattern as the ones they wear daily. After convincing them the Nemo swim design pattern was amazing we proceeded forward. Then it took what seemed like four hours to get swimsuits and swim shoes on. Now that it is summer they are not used to all the steps to go to the pool. Change in toddler world is HUGE and stressful for all around.

Arriving at swim school the girls were nervous yet excited. Both saw the pool and wanted to sprint toward it. There is a door so despite their best efforts their day of swim structure had begun. The staff was warm and friendly upon arrival which made my nerves calm down.

Once we met our teacher it was time to dive in (or actually ask to get in the water and start teaching safety). The tips they provided to sing to the girls through the entire process was helpful. When I can practice with them at home (on any new activity) I’ve started using this tip.

Both of the girls were not thrilled with class. Blythe saw a slide and wanted to run and get on that. Reese just wanted it to be over. I know this is what is best for them, and the teacher kept making me feel “normal” despite our kids’ harmonized crying. The other parents in our group were troopers, but I know they were wondering if our children even like water. You just never know how toddlers are going to react to new situations.

If we could have mimosas for parents before this activity I would sponsor it.

With the new activity of swim lessons we wanted to spend the rest of the week doing our usual activities. The Oklahoma Aquarium is a go to place – so much so  that the kind lady at the concession counter knows who I am and what we order. If you haven’t been recently, the Kelp Forest and Discovery Caves are now open! Instantly my girls realized this was a new area. The tunnel was their favorite part. Also trying to jump off of the tunnel area. The no fear factor continues on land and water.

This trip I also noticed all the various state license plates in the parking lots. I am proud that this facility brings families in from all over the country. The turtles have turned into our favorite exhibit this week. Oklahoma summer is heating up and taking your family to the Aquarium to see this new exhibit is a great way to cool off.

But the best part of being back home is all the time with family and friends. The girls quickly have figured out what summer is all about: Fun, extra laughs and silly moments. Living on Tulsa Time for their first summer suits them well.

Miller Swim School

  • Classes are offered for all ages and skill levels

Oklahoma Aquarium

  • Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Open until 9 p.m. on Tuesdays.
  • Look into a membership. This allows you to visit all year at a deep discounted rate.
  • Online they list the feeding schedules of the fish and other special options. This allows you to pick the best time to visit.
  • If you go to the concession area you will see doors that lead you outside. Go out there and see the Arkansas River and a lovely area for your kids to play in sand.
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