Twinning through the Holidays in Tulsa

During the holiday season time always flies. Well, the past year went by more quickly than I would have ever imagined. We have been living on Tulsa Time for one year! Getting to celebrate the entire Christmas season in Tulsa has been a blast. We are discovering the festive activities and making new family traditions.

Rhema Christmas Lights kicked off the season. The girls got to experience this magical place with my Mom and brother too! This is the best outdoor light display in the Tulsa area. The girls were speechless. It was so sweet watching them look up and notice even the lights in the highest portions of the trees. We arrived 15 minutes before the lights went on. That is a tip I would share with all of you who have young kids. We got a front row parking spot and beat the huge rush of people that got there quickly after.

One of our best friends has girls that are in the same age range as my kids. We decided to start the yearly tradition of getting matching Pjs and making cookies. The girls were thrilled. We even got to help decorate their Christmas tree and it a yummy breakfast. I know the adults enjoyed their costumes more than the kids.

Gingerbread houses I used to do every year for my cousin John’s birthday. Now my Aunt, Uncle and cousin have started the tradition of doing this yearly activity with Blythe & Reese. A dance party was mixed in with extra special moves thanks to the sugar.

I am often told that the best Santa in town is the one at Utica Square and the Bass Pro one is a close second. On a mild Sunday we decided to try a visit with friends to Utica. The kids were in awesome moods and I had my java in hand. The girls started this trend of just wanting to wave at Santa. The nutcrackers were a huge hit but it was a no-go for Santa. After this attempt we tried Bass Pro and Utica again. The girls just wanted to wave. Finally I decided let’s go to Promenade mall and attempt it one last time. Before we arrived the girls were jazzed. Both had memorized their Christmas wish list. I told them to put dresses on and they opted for their Santa dresses. As soon as we got within 100 yards of Santa Reese lost it. Blythe was calm but had a death grip on me. This Santa was so kind. But as you can see by the photo it was still not a home run Santa visit.

The one thing as a family we are trying to do is not get too busy. At this age the girls enjoy just playing with the Christmas tree, looking at the Christmas lights and talking about Santa. It is an extra special year this holiday season. We are getting to see Christmas through the eyes of two 2-year-olds.

Merry Christmas to all. And thank you, Tulsa, for offering the ideal city to raise a family.

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