Twin Discounts Around Town

Shopping for twins? These local children's stores offer helpful discounts.

Being a twin parent rules. If you hang out with me for at least a minute I will 100% mention that I have twins and love it. One thing thing that I also love is supporting local business. When you have multiples purchasing items adds up fast. In Tulsa there are some fantastic local businesses that offer twin discounts. Below is the list of stores I visit often with my girls.

Any amount of a discount truly adds up. I hope this list helps you save while supporting local.

Kiddlestix Toy Store

Instagram: @kiddlestix

10% off items purchased for twins during their birthday month.  Offer is valid only for parents of twins.

Kiddlestix offers a huge variety of toys. I personally love how educated their staff is on all of their products.  If I am going to get a treat for the girls for a surprise or a gift for one of their friends, there is always something unique. Besides toys they have a great selection of books and outdoor items. The owners work hard on making sure their store offers quality gifts for all ages. And the girls love to go and play while I shop. Free gift wrapping is also offered.

Lolly Garden

Instagram: @thelollygarden

15% discount for items purchased for twins.  Offer is open to friends, family or parents of twins.

Lolly Garden is a one-stop shop for your child’s full outfit. They are located at Utica Square.  They carry a large selection of Tea Brand, which is a personal favorite of my girls. Clothes in their store range in size from newborn to size 10.   If you are looking for everyday clothing or something for special occasions, this is your store. Each time I go in I discover a new brand that I have never seen in Tulsa. Besides clothes they have shoes, toys, accessories and books.  The girls got their umbrellas here and I love the quality. They offer free gift wrapping and lollipops.


Instagram: @stashtulsa

15% off multiples discount

Stash has two locations in Tulsa. One is in midtown and the other is in South Tulsa. Stash offers gifts and apparel for women and kids. Custom orders is one of my favorite items offered at stash. They can customize shirts, dresses, cups and anything else to make a party or celebration more special.

Kathleen’s Kids

Instagram: @kathleenskidstulsa

15% off any item purchased for twins. The items do not have to be the same

Kathleen’s Kids has been around since 1986. They are the largest kids specialty store in the area. If you are looking for custom bows, an extensive dress selection, shoes and toys this is the place to shop. They have items from newborn and beyond. Boys and girls items, toys and clothes. There is a play room for kids to help parents while they shop.  Complimentary gift wrapping on all items.

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