Tulsa Times Two Goes to the Zoo

We took advantage of last week’s warm streak and spent time at the zoo. Since my kids wake up way before the sun rises, we scored a front row parking spot. Then, suddenly slews of other moms chugging java and unloading their strollers all had the same plan. The girls were thrilled to instantly see birds. I guess Zoo birds are more exciting than the ones that reside in our backyard.

I had one of “those moments” at the zoo. Before we even entered they both were smiling, yelling with excitement and literally were the pictures of pure joy. Anyone with toddlers knows this is not how life is 24/7. It was another Universe-reminder hitting me over the head saying take in these moments. Slow down and soak up this feeling. I try hard to be in the moment with the girls. To really understand how they feel towards things and see the world from their eyes. But honestly I don’t do it enough. These sweet moments I carry around for those days when I go to bed wondering how did the day feel like I was running in place.

The animals decided to also join in on the fun day. Every animal was out eating, playing or soaking up the sun. Besides animals and fun snacks there is also the Zoo play area. It was hilarious to see my kids’ faces when they saw all slides. It was as if they felt this day could not get any better.

One area about the Zoo that is “interesting” to me is the petting zoo. Call me crazy, but do you get the vibe that NONE of these animals want to be around you much less have you pet them! Blythe runs up to them and screams with excitement right in their faces. This made a few of them kick their feet in the air. Reese just circled around them getting the same vibe I was feeling. I would not be so sad if we skipped this area next time.

I’m looking forward to our next visit. The girls don’t even know about the train yet. That will be mind blowing.

To continue their virtual strike on being inside for more than a few minutes, our outside theme continued the rest of our week. We went on over four walks a day for three days straight. I am not in shape and these walks of pulling a wagon would seem simple, yet my kids have boycotted the actual act of sitting in a stroller, wagon or anything that can contain them for longer than a nano second. Drivers passing by look at me like I am unfit mother as my kids walk the streets. They are safe and practicing balance. Even some lucky neighbors got the opportunity to look out their window to see two girls taking their rocks, sticks and chasing squirrels.

With less than a week until my girls turn two, I am forever grateful for these two energetic ladies. I believe a huge reason we lived in Dallas had to do with the team that helped get the girls to planet Earth.

Growing up with a large extended family confirmed to me even more that I wanted a family of my own. Some of my cousins are adopted. I will never forget when all of us got to go to the judge’s chambers. It was always a special day and another reason to celebrate life. At a young age this showed me that families are truly made up of people who love each other through all the chaos that is life. No matter if you are related by blood, fate or choice.

Once we were ready to start a family, it seemed my body had other plans. There are theories behind why so many women are having issues conceiving now. For me, I believe it was choosing to have children later in life and a slew of genetic issues. In the process of trying to figure out why my body did not want to produce children, I discovered other issues like my thyroid. Nothing major, but this one little thing changed my entire well being. Discovering this gave my body the magical pill it needed to function properly. The girls gave me a gift even before they were born.

As the tests rolled in I discovered my reproductive system seemed to be 100 years old, but I was only in my 30s. The team of doctors treating me had so much compassion and were determined to try all that they could to make our dreams of a family become a reality. If they could not accomplish this mission, my heart always had peace knowing we had other options. But my heart still goes back to those nights of fear, sadness and hoping for all of the attempts to work.

We are one of the fortunate families. IVF was a success. I am always open to talking to people who are struggling with infertility. It is a lonely, heart breaking and confusing state. When I talk to people, I am not an expert, but someone who can provide empathy and cheer them on during this process.

So, I’m extra grateful this week for modern medicine and the kindness of those around us and strangers. In my opinion, it is not just modern medicine that got me the girls, it was also all the prayers, good vibes and thoughts sent our way.

Happy almost Birthday Blythe & Reese!

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