Tulsa Splash Pad Opens Early

Beat the heat at 41st and Riverside

Tulsa offers many options for kids of all ages. But when you have two year old twins, you realize some options are not fit for your kids! We are always on the hunt for places to go before 10 a.m. It seems like the kid options triple once the clock strikes 10! With the extreme heat of the day we have been getting super creative on ways to get energy out. A friend mentioned to me that the splash pad at 41st & Riverside is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Once I heard this amazing news we went the next morning.

The girls’ friend John Rex is a pro. He quickly showed them how they needed to fully enjoy everything this splash pad and park offers.

a toddler boy plays in the splash pad at 41st and riverside

It had been so long since we have been to a splash pad the girls were a little rusty. Reese decided this was a clothing optional experience. At least I got her to wear a diaper and shoes! Blythe was proud to sport her Dory & Nemo swimsuit. The park was not crowded at all. There are numerous types of splash pads. My girls enjoyed the one that their friend John Rex calls the rainbow the most. You can crawl in between the water.

blythe and reese cool off in the splash pad at 41st and riverside

There is also a park that has some interesting things to play on. This huge spinning wheel became my fearless twosomes’ favorite. No surprise to me. Also there are these neat turf structures the kids would sit to have a snack and climb up.

The river is also something that is brand new to my girls. They enjoyed eating gold fish and hoping a family of ducks would swim buy.

If you were they same day as us thank you. Thank you for pushing my kids on that huge tire, letting them tag along and pretend they were part of your families. This is a new hobby of theirs. Thankfully most people in Tulsa are so kind they do not mind.

Adding this to our weekly summer list of ways to cool off!

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