Tulsa Children’s Museum and Snow Day "Fun"

Java mug clank to all of you!

The girls and I got to visit one of Tulsa’s most amazing gems for kids.

Every time I mention that we moved back to Tulsa, people always say how much my kids would enjoy the Tulsa Children’s Museum. So I listened.

When I pulled up on a cold day I noticed two things. EEEK a school bus and Hot Diggety-Dog there’s a playground. My kids may be more on the tall side for their age but they still are small. When there are large groups at any of our outings it kind of makes me want to throw up in my mouth. But I had told the girls we were going to this new place so I had to press on.

Before you enter the museum there is a 5-star playground and some lovely geese were there, too. Once we got past these exciting and shiny items it was off to the Museum. I have heard so much about this place that I truly hoped it would live up to the hype. And yes it did.

I did see the school bus of kids running around yet I still proceeded forward. Blythe & Reese get in for free as they are under the age of two. What a deal! We met another friend and her three kids and adorable nanny. Please note she has a set of twin girls that are the same age as my kids. So yes, I predict people will have some fun when they see us out together.

Everyone has someone they text and chat with when you find out you have similar due dates. Allison and I had due dates that were just weeks apart and both with twin girls. When you find this out it’s like winning the lotto. Instantly you have someone to swap stories that no one else wants to hear. About your sonograms, blood work, odd things occurring in your body and all things TMI. So now fast forward we are getting to finally meet for playdates now that I am a Tulsan again. Cue the loud squeal of excitement.

There are two rooms in the museum. My girls sprinted towards the larger room instantly.

We were instantly greeted by what felt like the entire school bus of students, oh wait, we were. The kids rushed to my girls and told me they were going to take care of them. Instantly my head thought is there a coffee bar or mani/pedi station in this place since I do not have to watch my children anymore. But then I stopped day dreaming and realized I needed to know a little more about these friendly kids. The entire bus was filled with 3rd graders from Hamilton Elementary School.

My kids are not the ones who run to give a stranger a hug. Actually they will maybe run the other way or hide behind my legs. But with these students my girls instantly adored them. Within literally 2 minutes of being there this group of 5 students ran with the girls to the slide. I tagged along to offer my assistance. Surprisingly, it was not needed. Those 3rd graders where the most polite and loving children. Wish they were at all of our outings!

Anyone that has visited the Museum always tells me about this slide. Please also note, we DO have a slide in our living room, who doesn’t right? But this is king of all slides and entirely made up of packing tape. Yes, I let my kids slide on just tape. Always trying to win mother of the year. But, no really, it held me and 20 kids all at the same time. The slide’s tunnels are large and there are different levels. Which makes it a perfect option for kids of different ages. Each inch of the slide we explored over a two-hour period.

Did I also mention there is a water table with legos AND space where running is allowed…heck even promoted, all in the same room.  There is even an area dedicated to toddlers. So, no fear, parents of crawling kiddos.  The huge magnetic wall with moving magnets and the “ball sucker” as one kid called it, was a huge attraction and something Reese was particularly obsessed with. The space provided a beautiful mix of learning and fun.  Honestly, this place is a small slice of Heaven and I would highly recommend anyone with kids to go. When our family from St. Louis visits this will be at the top of our list of places to play with the cousins.

This past weekend Mother Nature decided to provide what I predicted would be the best activity. We were in a portion of Tulsa that received 3 inches of snow. I have been preparing for the girls to have a full head-to-toe waterproof outfit for a year. SHH I know this is obsessive. But they adore mud, rain, rocks and all things outdoor. So during the months of being inside too much I was elated to see these beautiful flakes falling from the sky.

I waited until our favorite local Meteorologist, Mike Collier, said we had an hour left of snow fall. Gathered the pile of all things waterproof. My husband and I tell the girls we get to go outside and play in the snow. They looked at us with blank faces but continued to amuse us to see what this meant. One child decides this new attire is worthy of a mini photo shoot while the other sister is screaming as if we are putting a torture chamber on her. Instantly for the first time my mind thought I did it again. I forgot I am dealing with this new group of humans that are experiencing something very new. TODDLERS.

As we take them outside they did one of their freaky friday moments. The one that was not screaming started crying and the other one became silent. This was not a grand slam activity. But we enjoyed the beautiful snow that made our new home seem extra cozy. And for our one child who enjoyed the activity… you’re welcome.

Living on Tulsa Time thus far has proven to be entertaining. And now we just have more people to share the toddler times with us. This week I will have an extra glass of java and throw in a bottle of wine.

Java IV Always, 


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