Traveling with Two

The summer's just getting started, and we already have two family adventures in the books.

The past two weekends, our crew has been exploring other states. The first destination was Rockbridge, Missouri. This is located 4.5 hours from Tulsa and is a super-small location known for trout fishing. We met our St. Louis family for a weekend of bonding, running and fishing! Before we departed for this trip we visited our favorite local pediatrician. It seems this summer virus would not leave Reese alone!

Packing for a trip where there is no washer and dryer of course meant I packed enough clothes for a small village.

In our car I also had the following toddler travel essentials:

  • iPad with a new movie on it – “Trolls”

  • iPad puzzle game

  • Stickers

  • Coloring books with hard plastic for their laps to keep the coloring books from slipping

  • Decals to put on the windows

  • Magnets

  • “Paw Patrol” characters – Blythe’s squad

  • Sunglasses

  • Individual plastic containers of personalized size snacks for each kid

This was the first road trip where I felt like I packed the perfect activity pack and snacks. But I was not as prepared for the insane roads. Let me back up for a moment. Ever since I was a small child, I have gotten car sick. My Grandma used to put a pillow in the car so I could see up and not get so sick in her huge Lincoln. I always have Dramamine in my purse. If Dramamine is hiring in Tulsa, I will be your spokesperson. 🙂 Long story short, the beautiful Ozarks of Missouri have more curvy roads that should be allowed. Before we even started our weekend, sweet Reese got car sick all over herself and me. It hit me for the first time. OH ya, these are my kids, maybe they get car sick. A stop at McDonald’s and, in true toddler fashion, after 15 minutes it was if the whole explosion of car sickness never occurred.

As soon as we arrived to our little fishing location, I felt a sense of peace. It was quiet, yet I was not afraid for the girls to run around like wild animals. For this quick weekend, the mission was accomplished: They bonded with their cousins, whom they adore, caught a fish, fed a cow, and just got to be summertime kids. I prepared for the trek back by making sure everyone took Dramamine before departure!


Four days after this summer road trip, we traveled on an airplane to South Lake Tahoe. The girls have not been on a plane since they were 6 months old. Prepping for this trip stumped me for a bit. I knew I could not overpack like I do for our road adventures. I knew I would regret that when I walked around the airport, loaded down with too many items to keep up with the girls. My other fear was the loud noises. Blythe is very sensitive to loud noises and in new environments. With Blythe, my goal is to always to try to show her I am not scared, and when she gets that way, I do all I can to make her feel comforted. Beyond comfort, I move to distraction mode. She hates public bathrooms, too, due to noise.

Blythe & Reese each got to choose a rolling piece of luggage at the store. They are in a stage where there favorite phrase is “I will do it all by myself!” I knew the key was to provide as much independence and ownership in this new area as I could. First, I had hoped their luggage would include their must-have items. But I quickly learned they had another idea. They chose to load their individuals bags with the most random items at our home. Blythe, of course, fit as many of her Paw Patrol friends as she could. Reese had a pair of high-heeled dress-up shoes, books, string and literally all things random.

For snacks, we decided to put snacks in their lunch box, and then I had a few special treats in my purse. We traveled light, and I am thrilled that worked! I did not even bring a stroller for the girls. To be honest, I meant to but forgot. And again I was thankful because they would run, jump, and skip in between flights and layovers.  

Airplane must-haves for 3 year olds:

  • iPad

  • Find and seek books

  • Getting to order a water. 🙂 FAVORITE PART for the girls

  • Looking at the clouds

  • Playdoh

  • Stickers

  • Snacks..and more snacks…and snacks again

  • Comfort items – blanket, Poppy and giraffes

  • Shades

  • Wipes to make Mom feel like we are not sitting in a billion germs


The girls loved flying. Blythe acted like she flies on a plane every week. And Reese was so comfortable she slept most of the time.

In Tahoe we took various family members on our adventures. This helped keep the girls going when they were tired, and they loved getting to sleep and explore with each of them! From playing in the water, hiking, and 200 rounds of hide and go seek, it was a perfect trip. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The weather is ideal, and everywhere you go just looks like a magazine. The laid-back atmosphere ensured that I never felt anxious about the girls.

Reese still had her terrible summer virus during this trip, yet she was still able to enjoy the trip and make endless memories.

For everyone who joined on these adventures…thank you. Time is the biggest gift!


As a kid, I always wanted to travel more. So having this summer be one filled with these memories and adventures makes my heart happy. The girls already are asking when we are going to fish and go see the mountains.

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