Top Places to Play Indoors in Tulsa

Here are my top choices for where to go when you need to get the wiggles out in the middle of winter.

This year there is no doubt winter actually arrived. It is nice to have a change of season. The one huge drawback is the toddler energy needs an outlet. Being outside is a huge routine for the girls. If it is cold we venture out but not as frequently. Here are my top choices to get the wiggles out and have fun at the same time! Please note Reese is still loving wearing her summer dresses even when it feels like 10 degrees outside.

* Tulsa Children’s Museum

This is an ideal place to truly play all year. The Red Dirt Dinos exhibit is still there, and one that is a favorite with my girls. Every other Monday they have dance and sing-along at 10:30 to 11 a.m. It was a treat to be there this week for that. Blythe & Reese love choosing which shaker and scarf to dance with. Blythe literally switched options every 30 seconds. And guess what? No one cared. Awesome environment for kids to explore, play and learn. The tape slide gets the wow factor as soon as you enter the exhibit. The huge building blocks are the favorite attraction for the girls right now. This museum is in the running for the girls’ top choice to host their birthday party in February.

* Tulsa Air & Space Museum

The girls still talk about when they got be an astronaut. This is a great place if your kids enjoy airplanes and space! All of the volunteers there are very helpful explaining each detail of the museum. The room upstairs is a great space to entertain kids from toddlers to middle school. It is a great space to interact with other families. Finish your visit by walking next door to view something at the planetarium.  

* Bowling – Dust Bowl or Main Event

Bowling is a great family competition. The girls can dance, sing and throw a bowl at the same time. It is a huge treat for them to go bowling. In the winter we go more often. Dust Bowl is my personal favorite. It is local and a throwback style with bowling. No electronic scoreboard. Main Event is the total opposite of Dust Bowl: an electronic powerhouse with a bonus of endless video games. Whatever your style of entertainment, one of these will provide an afternoon of fun!

* Sky Zone

Sky Zone is hands down the best way to get the wiggles out. Our favorite time to go is during Toddler Time:  T/TH 9:30 to 11 a.m. During toddler time you get to jump anywhere, and you must be 5 or under. Adults are allowed to jump for free with a paid child’s admission. Also, a huge inflatable is set up that has two large slides. At the end, free balloons are passed out.

* Oklahoma Aquarium

The moment we turn into the parking lot, the girls instantly start listing everything we are about to do. This place is jam-packed with interactive activities for kids, from feeding the turtles to watching an Oklahoma Aquarium staff member feed the sharks. I love that the Aquarium is located in Jenks. We always enjoy the snack area, too. If you do not have a membership, I highly recommend one. It saves a family of 4 money after just a few visits.

* Woodland Hills Mall

My girls still wake up early. Early like we have a farm to tend to. Which of course we do not, since we live in the city. We arrive at 9 a.m. and often rent a stroller that looks like a bus. The next stop is to bring a bag of change and purchase a few bouncy balls to enjoy in the open space. Starbucks opens before the mall stores and is conveniently located next to the kids’ indoor play area. Once the mall is open, we take a ride on the carousel and do some window shopping, rounding out the stop with lunch in the food court.

We are lucky that in Oklahoma we get to experience all of the seasons mother nature provides. Good luck in keeping your kids healthy and busy during the chilly days.

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