This is Three

Three is a baffling but wonderful age.

The World of 3 seems to be one of mystery, surprise and joy. My job is not really being a Mom; rather, I like to think of myself like glue. I attempt to put the pieces together of what they are saying, expressing and wanting. Call me a lottery player as well. Because it seems I am just rolling the dice in most situations. Below are a series of conversations that happen more than you can imagine.

One of my kin: “Can I have water?”
Me: Sure, here you go.
One of my kin: “Why are you giving me water?”

One of my kin: “I just want to do it myself!”
Me: “That is awesome you are such a big girl!”
One of my kin (Insert crying and then yelling): “Why are you not helping me?!”

Besides some special conversations, they also express themselves in grand ways. They choose their clothing, hairstyle and tattoo selection on the regular. Reese lately likes to have 3 pony tails, Blythe likes to wear her Paw Patrol shirt and Save the Day panties everyday. And yes, she has various options of these, but she just wants the one favorite shirt and panty. That have now been washed so many times I fear one day they are going to just shred in the washer. Reese chose to wear a winter jacket to school this summer when it was 87 degrees outside.



Naps are fleeting, yet if they nap, it tends to be for so long that I check to make sure they are breathing. The other day after I realized it was a no-nap day, I decided to venture to the library. It went so amazing at first I thought, “Gosh, do they even need to nap anymore?!” Then like a meteor falling from the sky, Reese just lost it. She was so tired and her words and thoughts were not making sense. A stranger looked at me and said, “You have a lot of patience, and she is loud.” In situations like this I always wish I had the guts to just throw confetti at these special strangers! Instead I said, “Thanks,” with a kind of bitchy look on my face.

My kids like to talk about their friends and family nonstop at home. It is so adorable and makes me constantly say, “That is so sweet.” Yet when they see these humans they speak of often, they decide to not even acknowledge that they are alive! Baffles me as well.

Through the roller coaster of 3, the girls also are expressing their hearts more than I have ever seen. I get more hugs, more “I love you”s and kisses. So of course with this extra affection I often forget about the rest of roller coaster moments. Pass the java and some vino, too, please! Cheers to all of the parents of 3 year olds!

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