The Hope is Boundless in 2018

This year, I want to focus on creating memorable moments with my family.

Moments in life are when your mind truly allows for reflection. When I look back on a year, I don’t recall the days that I felt behind in work and cleaning the house. I cannot recall an exact day when I was feeling overwhelmed.   Nor do I recall the exact days I wish I was a better Mom. And of course, I know there were countless days I meant to go to the gym.

My mind and heart do allow me to recall moments where I felt true joy. Or the moments of extreme heartache.

When I focus on how I want 2018 to be, I am focusing on moments. I want this year to be filled with more moments in the present. Moments where I am not feeling torn or cornered about a billion small items. Instead, I am able to make moments that I will recall the next year.

Moments I recall from my childhood are my Grams picking me up from school and how my heart always shone more when I saw her. The moments Christina would stay with me for entire weekends for a long slumber party. Cheering my brothers on at their sporting events. When my Dad would take me on dates to the Green Onion. And he never judged the fact that I literally ordered a series of carbs with no nutritional value. Instead, he focused on my world and endless conversation.

As part of creating moments in 2018, I want to say “yes” to moments with opportunities to give back.  I am always thankful for those who have supported the various chapters in my life. The gift of time is truly the greatest gift I have ever received. So I hope to provide that to others. Specifically, non-profits in town that are close to my heart.

There are moments in my daily life I need to improve. Many parents juggle numerous roles besides parenthood. For me, I am still looking to make this balance more seamless. The company I work for and my clients respect that my first hat is Mom. This is something I am grateful for daily. But I do need to be more present at work and with the girls. When you try to combine them both, it is not a homerun.

This year the girls turn 4. My heart seems more open and raw than usual. I want to provide them moments of pure joy! The kind of joy where you cannot stop smiling or laughing uncontrollably. This time in their life, they are constant sponges. I want to remind myself in their moments of extra emotion or anxiety that I can be patient.

In this season of life, moments can be complicated. Wishing everyone endless moments of joy in 2018.

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