The Hip Mom Shops for Fall

These four Tulsa boutiques carry stylish cold-weather clothes for a variety of budgets.

I have been wearing the same two or three Tarzhay shifts for what seems like eons now, what with these neverending Okie summers. Jeans, or just about anything else, means there is sweat pooling in unmentionable places! But they say fall is just around the corner, and, oh, the stores are ready and selling delightful things to conjure up all that is so beguiling about fall: sweaters for crisp gatherings around a fire pit, game day paraphernalia, romantic shawls, drapey cardigans. Now if only the temperatures would drop a bit to luxuriate in all this autumn sartorial bliss! So I decide to head out to scour some stores for a few new pieces in anticipation of glorious fall weather.

Amaranth Collection

My first stop is Amaranth Collection, a boutique at 81st and Sheridan. It is full of fall favorites:  floral hoodies, some velvet shirts (apparently velvet is the latest chic fabric) and long, snug cardigans. Also, frayed skinny jeans – with or without holes in the knees – are all the rage.  These jeans are everywhere I go! The price points at Amaranth will keep you browsing in the store for hours. Hardly anything – besides a few of the heavier coats – is over $50. So if you’re not sure if something will be in style next year – who cares! The price per wear will still be reasonable. Amaranth Collection is perfect for moms who want a few stylish, trendy pieces without raiding college or retirement funds — and teenage girls would find a lot here too!


Amaranth jeans


Then I head to Utica Square for a bit of retail escapism. I stop by Madewell – I hadn’t heard of the store until it landed here just over a year ago. It’s not quite as budget friendly as Amaranth, but the offerings are really high quality — I still wear several of the pieces I bought here last year all the time. Madewell is known for jeans, and they’ve got lots of them – again, lots of frayed skinny jeans. There are darling little mock crew sweaters – perfect for keeping you warm without a full, itchy turtleneck neck!

Madewell sweater, denim and accessories.

Booties are back again. Paired with jeans, these will work perfectly for a daily “mom” uniform (my go-tos in the fall!). There’s also Converse sneakers in unique fabrics like suede. Oh, and then be still my beating clotheshorse heart: I find a darling little leather jacket with asymmetrical zippers that actually fits me. I pair it with some of the frayed jeans. I can’t decide if I’m too old for this biker look, but I don’t really care! I feel terribly young, daring and reckless for eight minutes – as if I’m going to hop on my boyfriend’s motorcycle and head out dancing, instead of going home to a poopy diaper and homework drama. Oh, that jacket!  At $498, it’s out of my budget. But in my younger, wilder days, I would have bought that leather sass, and found a boyfriend with a motorcycle in eight seconds flat.

Little Black Dress

So, I stop daydreaming and head to Brookside, mostly because I’m currently having a love affair with Cafe Olé (it’s been hiding in plain sight all these years!). I stop at Little Black Dress, which is one of my favorite bodegas for chic, gorgeous stuff that is guaranteed to make you enviably fashionable right now. They have lots of cute little “varsity” style dresses for fall. Another tip:  everything camo flies off the shelves, so if you like camo, you’re already in the know. Blush hues are big for fall, too. I end up falling in love with a little faux suede jacket that fits beautifully and has just enough warmth for fall evenings (although who am I kidding? I won’t be out! I’ll be home putting kids to bed! I can dream though, right?).  And, again, more frayed skinny jeans here too – these jeans are just not optional, moms! Now LBD’s prices are not quite as budget friendly as Amaranth, but they are still pretty reasonable for the high quality – and you’ll wear these pieces for several seasons.

Stash Apparel and Gifts

Finally, I stop at a new store by me: Stash Apparel and Gifts. The original boutique is off Brookside, but they just opened an outpost out south. And it’s full of fun fall fashion too: there are the “cold shoulder” tops which are still hot for fall; short, drapey jackets (greens seem big this fall!); shirts with pre-knotted “twists” in front; and more blush hues. There’s also a nice selection of fun gifts (for hostesses, friends or you!), and a darling baby section with rompers, books and toys. Prices here are great! And, again, now repeat after me: skinny frayed jeans!

Cold shoulder at Stash

Stash denim

Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, the thought of putting on a jacket won’t give you a horrible hot flash, and jeans won’t make your legs feel like hot wet hoses. Once you feel that first cool, fall morning, grab yourself the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte and go shop. As long as you’ve got a cute jacket this fall, some fun flirty tops, booties, and frayed skinny jeans, you’ll look like you might have a boyfriend with a motorcycle to

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