Hip Suggestions for Alone Time

(If that ever happens)

A confession: it’s hard to be hip these days! Maybe even for fancy people and celebrities. Even Gwyneth seems to be hawking the same $400 yoga pants. So, there are no sparkling new hip venues for you to visit here, dear mama. But I have another proposal — as I write this, it’s early July. I am hoping that your kids are going back to school in some capacity this month. I am hoping that you get a few hours to yourself after this endless, stressful summer that began in March! And I have a few suggestions for you to do those first few hours that you’re free to be yourself and think your own thoughts. (And if you’re not comfortable sending your kids to school – I’ll come babysit! Don’t worry – I’m a hypochondriac. If my shoulder hurts I’ll assume I’m contagious and won’t come!)

So, let’s begin this fantasy. You have 3, 4, 5 hours to yourself. What do you do first?

Head to Makeup Heaven

Well, first, you head to a makeup heaven! Ulta, Sephora, Saks – I know you’ve been neglecting your physical appearance. Which is fine during times of duress – but it’s not a good long-term strategy! Our bodies are a visual manifestation of how well we’re taking care of ourselves, and we’re worth some personal care and TLC – particularly us mamas in the trenches. So go play and get inspired.

I find some great shampoo and conditioner for my blonde-ish dye job – Tone It Down. It keeps my hair from looking like a brassy clown orange train wreck for as long as possible. I’ve also found noticeable results from magical skin serums, like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums. They improve the texture of my skin and also seem to improve how well moisturizers are absorbed. At Saks you can even request a makeover – sometimes it’s those little tricks and a new product or two that can get us out of a rut. Also, indulge in lotions, perfumes, little luxuries like this that make you remember you are a beautiful, precious woman – not just a slovenly mom who has to don a mask and hide her smile at the grocery store.

Get a Massage

Next, go get a massage! Oh yes you do. Massage Envy and other venues have top-of-the-notch sanitation protocols in place – of course they do in such an intimate setting. I go get my first massage in so many months, and I feel the need to apologize to my therapist for all the snap, crackle and pop coming out of my back and shoulders! She reminds me that since I’ve been hunched over my computer getting into social media fights, it’s important to remember to stretch my arms backwards, arch my neck backwards, and even do “Supermans” – that’s where you lie on your tummy, and attempt to lift up your head, shoulders, chest and feet to attempt mimicking flying. It’s tough, hard and absolutely effective for stretching out those muscles that need to be stretched backwards – a movement most of us are not getting daily.

Eat Healthy and Hydrate!


Post-massage: It’s time to go get a healthy lunch with plenty of hydration (and you know I like the vino, but not now!). Go somewhere healthy where you can get lots of vitamins, protein and minerals – after the Quarantine Diet of White, Brown and Sugar, you need greens and fruits in all the colors! I love Pure Food and Juice on Peoria, Ediblend, Salata, Crushed Red, or any of the delightful salads at Stonehorse or Wild Fork – get those greens on. I would say ask a friend, but as my first outre out into the world with me, myself and I – I just want to sit, think, observe, cry a little, and then get over myself and get back out there into the world of mamahood.

Take a Walk

And finally, just go for a walk. Meander along the River Trails, saunter through the Gathering Place. Walk slowly and mindfully. Reflect on all that you have, be thankful for your rotten children, be thankful for this lovely city we call home. Take a deep breath, mama, and get back to work.

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