The Hip Mom Channels Spring

The return of warm weather means it's time for a wardrobe update!

As I write this, it is still the dead of January. We just (narrowly!) survived a cold snap by Tulsa standards, and whoa, ladies – it is a good thing I don’t live anywhere like New Hampshire or Minneapolis or Green Bay because I can’t handle the cold! Starting my van at in-the-dark-thirty frost (it doesn’t fit in the garage) to schlep kids to school and de-icing the windshield – GAH.  Now anyone who has endured serious cold weather can laugh heartily at me –  that’s OK! Part of the problem, of course, is that I don’t have the proper winter wardrobe: Those chunky sweaters and big boots make me feel like a newborn who’s been swaddled too tight. But hark!  By the time you’re reading this, I hope it’s warmish and sunny, and the air is filled with the hope and sunshiny possibility of spring: green grass, nascent tulip bulbs and tornado watches!

Which brings us to our paramount concern of the vernal equinox: spring fashion! Yes, finally we can toss off our paltry collection of Tulsa winter wear and put on those cute, summery frocks and frilly things that are native to our natural habitat. So, in that vein, I hit some local boutiques to discover what is chic this spring of 2018.

Jules Boutique

My first stop is Jules Boutique. Jules Boutique just migrated from downtown to out south at 121st and Sheridan. Jules Boutique is brimming with trendy pieces for all shapes and sizes, but because it’s still freezing, I end up buying a gorgeous sable faux fur-lined cape for a mere $60.  For spring, though, there are plenty of colorful tunics, jeans, cute chunky heels and fun, affordable jewelry. The owner, Julie Thomas-March, notes that she’s noticed some Kardashian-like influences during her buying sprees at the Dallas Market Center – a sort of Texas souk filled with all the latest fashions. Many looks are repurposing pieces of athleisure and will feature “innerwear” as outerwear – gulp! Think loungewear and intimates, like bra tops, pajama shirts, and slip dresses, layered with boxy tees, satin pants and sweatshirts. Look for cotton jersey, velour and terry materials with ribbons, utility pockets, and draped detailing. Umm…OK, but I’m not sure I’m ready for this bustiers on the outside thing – I might get some weird looks in the school pick-up line! Maybe Tulsa isn’t ready either? But Jules Boutique has plenty of offerings for those of us a little less daring!

A Hip Bustier

Posh Style

Then I head to Posh Style right at 17th and Boston. Susan, the owner, says “boho chic” will still be hot – lots of off-the-shoulder looks, lots of ruffles and feminine frills. And florals will be everywhere. In fact, some of the florals coupled with little appliqués give her pause – maybe a bit too Little House On the Prairie! She warns that the “cold shoulder” look is on its way out – you’re probably OK wearing what you’ve got, but don’t buy any more. And then jeans with hems that look like they’ve just been hacked and/or cut haphazardly at the bottom – not sure I’m young enough to pull that off, but maybe you younger moms can rock those edgy jeans. Another big trend: anything purple! Lilac, lavender, mulberry, wine – purple is the “it” color this spring.

Posh Style

The Lingerie Boutique

While you’re in the area, do stop at the new The Lingerie Boutique on Cherry Street. It’s a lovely spot filled with gorgeous bras and lingerie – and don’t worry, there’s nothing X-rated here beyond pretty bras and panties – I had little girls with me and had no qualms. The owners are lovely, warm Monte Cassino moms themselves. I decided to get measured (I don’t think I’ve gotten a new bra since I weaned #7) and found I was a significantly different size than I thought I was! They have high quality brands like Natori, Commando and Curvy Kate — all the sizes  are covered. And the boutique also features Barbara Burton Swim Company: Barbara does custom bathing suits with a rainbow of high quality fabrics in modest cuts. You can get measured in the store, and you know your suit will fit EXACTLY right – I think this is a great pre-summer idea for both me and my daughters. Oh, friends, it’s so nice to go into a lingerie place that is not swarming with skinny, barely clad 17 year olds – hello, Victoria’s Secret – but, instead, walk into a place that is for us grown-up ladies with real bodies!

The Lingerie Boutique

Barbara Burton Bathing Suit Co. at The Lingerie Boutique

J. Cole

Finally, for shoe trends, I head to the fabulous J. Cole at King’s Landing at 96th and Riverside.  Mules are big for spring, as are espadrilles – the chunkier the sole the better! And if you can sport a mule in a metallic color? Tres tres chic, And, again – the J. Cole ladies corroborate that hues in lavender are hot, hot, hot, along with yellow, too.

J. Cole Wedges

What are you waiting for, Moms? Wait for a sunny morning, gather up the kids and hit the stores! You won’t need much – just a few trendy pieces to go out and play in the sun like a kid again. Well, almost!

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