The Bartlesville Kiddie Park:

A step back in time.

The Bartlesville Kiddie Park makes you feel like you are going back in time. The Kiddie Park, which was established in 1947, is just a short drive from Tulsa.

I had been putting off this experience because the park does not open until 7 p.m. Historically my kids did not stay up late. But this summer I have been letting bedtime hours extend. We invited the girls’ friend Weston. His Mom, who is so laid back, joined us. This helped my anxiety of the girls staying out in public for latetest hour in their life.

Pulling up to the park, the girls were cheering, and I had a huge smile. It is the cutest thing. The area was pretty quiet, and then right at 7, cars suddenly appear. To walk into the park is free. The kids could not decide which ride to experience first. I noticed we needed to get tickets to go on the rides. This is truly the best summer deal. Each ride is just .50, which equals one ticket. I purchased $20 of tickets. Make sure you bring cash.

The kids chose the boats to ride first. This park is designed truly for kids 7 and under. Again, some kids could be older depending on size. But my girls are 4 and each ride was ideal for them. That is the beauty of this place. They do not walk up to each ride wondering if they are tall enough to get access. All access was granted.

At each ride there is plenty of staff to help the kids on and off each ride. I do not know what their hiring policy is, but kindness and patience must be high on the hiring checklist. Each individual was kind to and patient with our kids. Also, they were very friendly always asking if we needed anything.

There was no way the kids could choose a favorite ride. It did seem that they rode the roller coaster a billion times. They even got me to ride on it, and I am not a coaster fan. I was grateful we were at the Kiddie Park not a huge amusement park. The beauty of the size and price of this park is that you can go back and fourth in between rides. We ended our evening on the train. We were one of the last families. I was convinced the girls would sleep on the ride home. But they surprised me and decided to talk about the Kiddie Park for the next 45 minutes.

If you are still looking for something fun to end your summer memories, I recommend making a trip to the Kiddie Park.

The park has special hours and a specific season that it is open. Make sure you check their website and Facebook page before planning your trip. For the summer September 1 is the last summer evening. But on their Facebook page they list up coming seasonal events that our family plans to enjoy.

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