Ten Things We Want To Do This Summer

From exploring Turkey Mountain to enjoying a rare lazy day at home, here are our summer plans.

It is already June, and summer is flying by. As a parent, summer kind of feels like one big puzzle that you are trying to put together with some of the puzzle pieces missing. Making a list of items that is longer than 10 seems unrealistic. Over the summer I will post about our adventures from these locations. Feel free to join the girls and I for any of these.

1. Wheels and Thrills

Blythe & Reese have never been roller skating. This place looks like the perfect destination to change that. It may be a disaster. But if they end up not being ready for skating, there is a playzone and arcade.

2. Kiddie Park in Bartlesville

In the past, the girls went to bed too early. This is the year I am willing to keep them up to go try out this classic park. Friends who have gone this year said it was affordable and the entire family had a ball. It is open for limited hours, so plan ahead for this adventure.

3. Tulsa Geo Science Center

I pass this on my way to work. When I started asking around, this place sounds like a gem. You have to book a tour, or you can go to their website to see when tours are being offered. I’m excited to see what this place is about. It is also across the street from the Patrick Dougherty Installation in Centennial Green downtown.

4. Visit Science Museum Oklahoma

OKC is a place the girls have barely explored. It is awesome how many parents say Science Museum Oklahoma is their favorite place to take their kids in Oklahoma. The kids will for sure have a blast. Bonus for the parents to enjoy it also. If anyone has tips where we should eat when we go, send me suggestions please.

5. Summer’s 5th Night

Going to Utica Square is a great stop with kids. Ediblend and Lolly Garden are in our rotation of must-stops. Summer nights are a great excuse to not look at the clock for bedtime and just enjoy music and friends. Extra bonus to have some “Mom drinks” while enjoying the night!

6. Gilcrease

Going to Gilcrease is an activity I always think we will make time for. Yet something keeps making that a challenge. Time to make this a must-stop for summer. As a native Tulsan, I am proud to have this museum.

7. Explore Turkey Mountain

Asking questions and exploring outside is something that ranks high with the girls these days. There is no doubt they will enjoy climbing rocks, asking questions I will attempt to answer and enjoying one of Tulsa’s best nature spots.

8. Complete Summer Reading Program

Signing up was a blast. Now it is time to compete our goal so the girls can get their medals. First we need to go back and get our paper because we lost it. They have been holding their medals from last year and asking when they get the next one. Beating the summer heat at one of Tulsa libraries sounds relaxing.

9. Have a day of doing nothing

When the girls were born, I had an irrational fear that I would never leave the house again because I had twins. Due to this thought, I have kept us busy doing random things since they were 3 months old. This is also due to the fact that I have a hard time sitting still. But lately I have felt the need and desire to be more of a homebody. I’m looking forward to a day filled with cupcakes, sitting and being silly at home.

10. Catch fireflies

Summer nights are filled with the magical glow from these cool creatures. Kiddlestix has a great section dedicated to exploring outside. The girls have enjoyed their ventilated bug jar (see above). It is under $10. This is the only item marked off of our list sofar. The jars were used for fireflies and at this moment being used to house some roly polys.

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