Taking Toddlers to the Chiropractor

With school being back in session my mind finally decided it was time. Time for my twin toddlers to go to the chiropractor. Both of my girls pass the baton once one is sick. They were born early and do not always have the most grand immune systems. Over the summer I did add a vitamin to their lives and it really provided a sick-free summer.

As a mom, I want to do all I can to have my girls be as healthy as possible. I go to Dr. Hays weekly so the girls have become pumped for these weekly visits. They always hold my hand while she does adjustments and they get a sticker at the end.

The girls first day to go to the chiropractor they were pumped. Both of them decided they needed to bring their favorite objects. We marched in feeling like we were moving in. Blythe had her hammer and Minnie Mouse. Reese brought her two giraffes. The girls decided they wanted their favorite objects to have an adjustment before they had a turn.

jen kerckhoff's twin toddlers at the chiropractor getting a demonstration jen kerckhoff's twin toddlers at the chiropractor

Reese said being adjusted felt like little tickles. When I watch her work on the girls, the movements are so simple. There is no pain and both girls smiled. Also they decided I needed to hold their hands during the process as well.

jen kerckhoff's twin toddlers getting adjusted at the chiropractor

The girls thought we were literally staying all morning. But I convinced them it was time to let other people have their turn. I really appreciate Dr. Hays and their staff. If the girls are having an off day, I still feel that they are always welcome! It means a lot to this mom to two toddlers.

a chiropractor giving jen kerckhoff's toddlers a high five

Since their treatments, I will say they have been taking longer naps. With toddlers you never know why something happens. But I plan on taking them back every two weeks for the rest of the year. Allergies are a huge issue in our family and this 100 year old practice is known to help with this issue. In my opinion you can’t argue with 100 years!

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