Supermoms at risk for depression? DUH!

So I guess I’m going to chime in here with a million other mom bloggers today about the Today Show‘s segment about “Supermoms.” My take on it is, is this really news? I mean, we all know the story. Guilt for working, guilt for not working, etc. etc. I still wouldn’t take back having the choice.

The only part about the story that was interesting to me is that working moms who don’t expect their working husbands to do as much housework as they do were less likely to be depressed. Ha! So they’re saying that as long as you don’t set your expectations too high for your husband, than you’re less likely to be disappointed.

Although this may be true, isn’t this letting the husbands off a little easy? I mean, so women are expected to bring home the bacon, cook it, feed it to their husband and children, then clean up the mess.  I call BS.

I know many working dads that pull their weight with the housework and taxiing kids around. Why? To give them credit, they’re good guys. But I’d have to say the main reason is because their wives expect it from them.  They expect it from them in the same way that their husbands expect them to bring home a pay check. It’s fair and it’s modern.

Saying that women should readjust their expectations to accept anything less is what is depressing.

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