Printing Photos in the Digital Age

On my very first Mother’s Day as a mom, I requested a new camera as my gift. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, but I had never had a muse quite like my very own child (I’m betting you guys know what I’m talking about).  I would lug that thing around everywhere. Until he become mobile, of course, then I had to become a minimalist in order to achieve maximum aerodynamic speeds to sprint through parking lots, zoos, swimming areas, staircases etc., etc., etc. ETC.

So, my iPhone has been doing most of the memory capturing. Which is great and convenient, but I never have anything to show from it.

So, I was given a tip a couple of months ago from a young person who is hip and in-the-know about these things, to check out Walgreens Instagram processing app. And finally this weekend I did. And I’m in love.

It’s super easy. So, you download the Walgreens app and you have to set up an account. But then, you can just upload the photos straight from your Instagram account to be printed at the Walgreens of your choice, or they can also mail them to you.

It’s pretty cheap, too. I printed off about 30 photos for under $20.

I’m planning on doing a collage, or let’s be honest, they’ll probably just all end up on my fridge. But, grandparents are always asking for photos, so I’m going to get some in the mail to them. I still love my big camera for vacations and more thought out outings because the quality is so much better, but this is great for a quick candid.

Just a little tip from me to you.

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