To-Do List: Bee Hives at Oxley

In my house, honey is king, or I guess queen would be more appropriate. We do peanut butter and honey sandwiches instead of jelly. Instead of sugar on toast, it’s honey on toast. If I need something sweet after dinner, I’ll opt for a spoonful of honey. The list goes on.

So while I was perusing some things to do with the kiddos, I saw that Oxley Nature Center has an observation hive where visitors can watch how this whole honey business goes down. If you aren’t receiving their newsletters, you can sign up on their website – I. love. Oxley.

The observation hive is indoors (ahem, air-conditioning) and then you can also go outside to see what’s going on out there. Yes, there are bees flying around, but there’s a fence to kind of keep your kids away.

Then I suggest going for a little stroll around the trails. The trail lengths vary for varying leg lengths. And the trails are mostly tree-covered, so it doesn’t seem as hot as you’d think.

I suggest checking out the bees and the other indoor exhibits, going for a stroll, then having a picnic/ snack – you could even take some pb and honey sandwiches to keep the theme going.

Did I mention Oxley is free? You can take a donation for good measure, though.


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