Stupid things parents do that put their kids at risk

It seems like this week was information overload regarding how we should raise our children. No tv, no crib bumpers, etc.

What these researchers don’t realize is that when they publish these studies, they send me into a frenzy that causes sleepless nights and way too much Googling.

I read this article from CNN, “Stupid things parents do that put their kids at risk.”

Basically, it gives a a list of 5 do’nts that parents do:

1. Moving baby to a bigger car seat too early: My son was 28 lbs. at nine months, so I probably didn’t move him fast enough.

2. Letting baby sleep in swing: My son loathed the swing from the get.

3. Letting your baby watch ‘educational’ videos: I have let my son watch tv before his 2nd birthday. He watches one episode of Curious George in the morning and one in the evening. When it was 115 degrees outside, he watched more. I bet when it’s 15 degrees, he’ll watch more again.

4. Keeping babies off their tummies: I think my son was 2-weeks-old when my sister (veteran mom of two) came to my house to let me take a shower. She put him down for a nap on his tummy. I freaked. Gave it a chance. He took a four hour nap. He slept on his tummy from then on and still does. So, I never had to worry about “tummy time.” I’ve seen babies that hate to be on their tummies and it seems agonizing for the mothers forcing them to do it, so I can totally see why they don’t as much as they “should.”

5. Microwaving your baby’s bottle: Never did this, but sure considered it when trying to thaw out breastmilk a time or two.

I’m conflicted when I read articles like this.

On one hand, I’m glad that there are people out there looking out for the well-being of the masses.

On the other hand, I feel like they should follow each one of them with: “Look, we know that you’re really tired when you have young children, so just do the best you can.”

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