Stillwater or Bust

A family adventure to Stillwater's WONDERtorium.

Blythe & Reese like to make anything an adventure. I think this is due to me trying to remind them that the little things in life truly are the best! And to rally the troops, it often takes so much encouraging.

We decided it was finally time to visit Stillwater for the first time. My brother Nick, his girlfriend and her Mom joined us! Now I am wishing I would have taken a photo of how much I packed. Yes, I know where Stillwater is located. But when you are potty training toddler twins, packing is no joke. They are particular and different. So let me describe what contents where in the back of my car: 1 Paw Patrol potty, 1 Minnie Mouse potty, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, 10 plastic bags, a jug of water (No clue why), a suitcase of clothes and diapers and endless snacks. Clearly I pack as if I have 5 children.

The girls did not wake up on the right side of the bed. They cried for the first 20 minutes into the drive, saying they just wanted to stay home and play in the dirt. After 20 minutes of telling myself patience is a virtue and chanting the song “Everything is Awesome,” it did become awesome. The girls decided we needed to sing and then take a smoothie break at McDonald’s. Yes, we have still not even arrived in Stillwater, but I would say this has already been an adventure.

As soon as we pulled into town, the girls were pumped. They were ready to see our other adventure seekers and check out the Oklahoma WONDERtorium.

The girls sprinted in. This place is HUGE. A school bus arrived moments before us. So all of us needed to process where to go first. A slide was spotted, and that quickly became the first area to explore. I have only been to a handful of kids museums, and this by far had the most interactive exhibits. The treehouse slide was a hit and provided a nice view for the girls to choose their next activity, like the huge stage where your little performer can create a play. The dress-up items are unique, and there was a large selection.

For this activity, I was extra thankful that I was not solo. Someone from our crew allowed the girls to explore in different areas at the same time. A place they both met up frequently was the market/egg area. An old fashioned market is set up where they can shop, gather eggs, and even milk a cow. The girls liked to have Emily and Nick milk the cow while they just observed.  

At one point, I could not find Reese. Oh, do not worry: she was just climbing the rock wall with Emily.

This is a place you could stay at for hours. From pretending to be a doctor, mom, nurse or playing in the water area. This place is amazing, and we are planning to go back this summer. But for us, hunger took over, and no first trip to Stillwater is complete without a trip to Eskimo Joe’s. The girls enjoyed chicken and fries, and I got to have flashbacks of my college days.

Before we left, the girls decided to put on a dance party for Emily and her mom! Take me back to Stillwater soon, please.

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