Screenprinting at GreenHouse Clothing

If you're looking for unique activities this holiday season, make your own shirt at GreenHouse Clothing!

My crew is always looking for a new weekly activity. Thanks to GreenHouse Clothing, there is a new one during the holiday season. GreenHouse is a local print shop. Until Christmas you can stop by their location and create your own shirt. They have 4 designs to choose from. Then you get to be there with them while the shirt is made. There are bins that have tons of different colors and styles of shirts. The shirts start at $5.00. Every two weeks the designs will change. Blythe chose a dinosaur on a bike and so did her friend Penny. Reese chose a turkey, and I got the word thankful on my shirt.

Blythe & Reese are still telling everyone they got to make their own shirt! Supporting local has never been so fun. After you make a shirt, OkCookie Momster is a mile away from their shop. Go by there and grab a cookie, and there is no way your kids will not enjoy this activity.

No appointment is needed. Just stop by and create this unique activity.

Printfest at GreenHouse Clothing is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. They are located at 4817 East 34 Street, Tulsa 74135.

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