Paying Tribute to My Dad in Heaven

This is my sixth Father’s Day with my Dad being in heaven. There are 6 main items that come to mind this year during Father’s Day week.

1. Photos:

I only have a handful of photos with my Dad. There is no greater physical item that I wish I had more than photos of him and I throughout my life. Next time you see your Dad please take a photo with him. Who cares if you are just taking a photo eating a hot dog or something more monumental like a wedding. Even in this digital age Dads are not usually jumping to be in front of the camera. So just grab their hand and I know they will be equally as excited.

2. Role Models:

Every family is so unique. Some families have the traditional thought of a Dad and others are more unique. But in each family there is someone who tends to land in the father figure role. Let’s not forget these individuals who help mold our minds and hearts. It is some humbling how many individuals have helped me and my brothers. All of these men who have stepped forward in various times in our lives since our Dad passed away. One thing they all do the same is to never try to replace my Dad. But merely remind us we are love and are supported. This special group I can never say thank you enough.

3. Memories:

If your Dad is in heaven also share memories about him. Often, I am told that people are surprised how much I still bring him up without getting upset. It helps my heart to still let people know who he was. And to bring up wonderful memories. Just because someone is not physically here there is no reason to not bring up stories that will make your face shine. I still carry my Dad’s handkerchief with me everyday. And this note he sent me with flowers a year before he passed away.

4. Addictions/Depression:

When you lose a parent at a younger age it changes you to your core. Then when you lose a parent due to an addiction it feels like you have suffered two rounds of death for one person. With depression, addiction and mental illnesses still not being PC to talk about I challenge for that to change. Anyone who is struggling I urge you to reach out. Reach out to a friend, family member, hotline or even me. Everyone deserves to get help and it is 100% okay to ask for it! It can make the difference of saving a life.

5. The Little Things:

There our days I truly believe he is in the room with me. I will see my girls just smile and chase a butterfly. When my girls wrestle like professionals I think you would be crying laughing! It is always nice to think he is watching us. I believe in angels and signs. I did way before he passed away. Even if you do not believe just try to notice the little things in life. In all simple joys it is impossible to not think of someone who has touched your heart.

6. Paying Tribute:

When my Dad first passed away I wanted to run away. One day it hit me that my Dad would want me to be the best version of myself. He would not want me to ruin my life over him leaving this Earth way too soon. On days that I am worn down and want to still curl up in a ball I get back up. I am fortunate. Yes my heart still aches from missing him. But I believe with all my heart that being appreciative of life, patient with my girls and loving as much as possible is the best tribute I can provide to my Dad.

On this Father’s Day, Dad, I will eat a piece of meat, sing loud in my tone deaf voice and hug my girls who I know you have seen viewing from the clouds.

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