My Almost Four Year Olds

As the girls approach their fourth birthday, I can't help but reflect with gratitude on their years so far.

This is the year of all the emotions for the girls’ upcoming birthday. In the past, sure, I would have a smile on my face and a shining heart on their birthday. But this year, the flashbacks on their years on this Earth are pounding on my heart more often.

Our “preggo” announcement

It is impossible for me to not reflect back on the hope of Blythe & Reese. My heart always knew I would be a Mom. The journey to get there often seemed like a science experiment that needed the best team out there, mixed in with the endless prayers and good vibes from our tribe. These two girls will forever feel like the gifts I did not deserve but were given.

Girls being born

When the girls were younger, I would keep up on milestones or things I should be doing with them. It was easier since they did not move and I was not sleeping, so might as well use that time to learn. Now that I am often quoted as saying they may be aliens due to their enormous energy span, I do not track or read up on milestones.

Best friends

In the past three weeks, the girls have changed. They can sit longer and complete a project. The questions they ask in a day have jumped from five to one trillion. Expressing emotions is done in a different tone, and the way they observe is fiercer than ever before. I see how they look at people when they seem sad or mad. When someone is sad, they are concerned and want to know why, and an answer of “just because” is not going to cut it.

At the beach

Being a parent, the fears of projecting mistakes and your bad habits is a reality. One fear of mine I have noticed is that I am afraid to try new things. I can talk in front of a room of a 1,000 people. Yet trying something for the first time makes me want to throw up in my mouth. Last night I got a text from a fellow Marquette Mom to try beginner tennis lessons. So I said yes. I am already afraid. Yet I realize there is nothing to fear! And I appreciate people asking me to try new things. I plan to use this example as something I can talk to them about and talk about how I am afraid but plan to give it a try no matter what.


At this current moment in their lives, here are some of the things they are doing, loving and trying:

  • Both girls like to come home and put PJs on no matter what time of the day.

  • Blythe likes to dance almost non-stop. Her dance moves are theatrical. The dancing is more for herself, and if you comment, she will stop.

  • Reese likes to race to do absolutely every task in a day. Brushing teeth, walking to the car, gathering items in a basket and playing hot potato.

  • Each morning the girls ask what we are doing. They like to explore and have friends and family join us on our adventures.

  • Making videos and sending them to family and friends. Half the time they are telling them to bring cookies.

  • Creating art is an all-day event. There is always glitter, glue or stamps on them.

  • Gymnastics is a highlight of their week.

  • Reese could hit a tennis ball all day.

  • Blythe still loves Paw Patrol.

  • Making up games with each other.

  • Turning off all of the lights in the house no matter what time of the day it is.

  • Hide and seek can go on for hours. Both of them will announce where they are hiding 90% of the time.

  • Blythe wants to be a police officer, doctor and have a unicorn

  • Reese wants to be a doctor, fairy princess  and have a unicorn.

My girls

As their Mom, I am grateful for their health and hearts. Thank you Blythe & Reese for reminding me to never stop learning and trying new things. Never forget how I believe you can be anything you want and that you are always loved unconditionally.

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