Moments in May

May has been full of memory-making opportunities and fun!

May is a month filled with miles of memories. Every day seemed filled to the brim. From the girls’ favorite event of the year, the Tulsa Botanic Garden’s DIG, to soaking up many playdates outside. The girls are already asking when gymnastics starts again. I’m pretty sure the word “summer” to them is just confusion. They do not fully understand why this one season equals so much change. There is no doubt once they realize all the fun of summer they will jump on board quickly.

Having fun at Tulsa Botanic Garden’s DIG: Day in the Garden! 


One of our favorite humans, Lucy, graduated from 8th grade. Lucy is the type of person I hope my girls will be when they grow up. She is smart, kind, hilarious, can bend her body like a pretzel and always helpful. The fact that she is going into high school is not possible to my heart. Yet I am beyond elated to see her cheering from the sidelines of football games next year at Bishop Kelley.


For 9 months we have been waiting for the arrival of one of my best friend’s babies. Lauren and Dave always choose to wait to find out the gender of the baby. To date I had never guessed an accurate gender, but this time they welcomed a baby boy. Our families are so close Lauren is more like a sister to me, and I would do anything for her kids. So as I type this I am attempting to be patient because I cannot see him until the end of the work day. Liam also has made Blythe & Reese extremely curious about how Lauren had a “belly” and now there is a “baby.”

That question leads to the next moment in May. The girls never stop asking questions. Now that they are 4 I have never answered so many questions in my life in one month. Also, I do not know how to answer all of them. As a child I recall memories from when I was 4. I always want to keep that in mind. No matter the days or times of what is going on, I am trying to be more present with them. If not, I know I will regret it. And in the meantime, if they have questions I cannot answer, can I just have someone answer them for me?!

Next week on May 29 is the opening of the Tulsa Sobering Center. As I have mentioned in previous posts I am volunteering now with 12 & 12 to help them raise money to upgrade their facilities. The Tulsa Sobering Center is a jail diversion program designed to offer an alternative for adult men and women detained for public intoxication. During their stay at the Tulsa Sobering Center, individuals can receive information about and access to counseling and rehabilitation programs for substance use at their discretion. If eligible, participants will have immediate and ongoing access to these services available at 12 & 12, Inc. This is a much needed and progressive approach to helping individuals. I am looking forward to this opening.

The moment in May that weighs on my emotional heart is that today is the last day of the girls’ school. A new school for our family and one where I feel at home now. The girls have enjoyed being in the Bee Class so much that they do not want to move on. If anyone dare ask if they are excited for next year, maybe just pause that question for awhile. The Bee class will forever have a memory in my heart. The teachers, friends and entire staff loved my girls like I hoped they would. “Thank you” always seems too simple when it comes to the individuals who teach, hug, love and guide your kids when you are not around. Until I can invent another phrase for my gratitude, I will just have to settle on thank you.

Next week I will be posting our bucket list for summer. I will tell you that the first thing on the list is to join the Tulsa Library Summer Reading Program. You can sign up on May 29. The girls have seen the signs in the library and are ready to get started!

Hoping all of your moments in May were memorable.

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