Mac and Cheese please!

I love mac and cheese, always have, always will. Popsicles are delicious and I’ve never said no to a vanilla wafer. I have avoided my weaknesses in the past by just not buying them.

Now that my son is old enough to eat almost anything, I love introducing him to new foods. Most of it is quite healthy, but I’m not going to deny him the delicious goodness that is noodles, butter and cheese. That’s just mean.

So I’ll whip him up a box, put a little on his tray and he’s happily munching away. But then there’s just so much left, just sitting there, taunting me. I mean, I’ll put some away for his lunch tomorrow, but there’s still so much left. It would be wasteful to not eat the rest.

Recently we’ve been dealing with a spell of croup. Not fun right? Our doctor suggested giving him a popsicle to help sooth his throat and decrease the swelling. It’s not like he can just eat the whole thing, so I have to bite off the pieces for him. So it basically ends up being one piece for you, one piece for me.
And just how do they get away with marketing Nutella as a health food? I read the back, there’s so much sugar. I love sugar.

For those of you with a more mature palette, I’m sure keeping your hand out of the cookie jar isn’t a problem. I, however, am going to have to figure something else out because I foresee a huge backside, I mean problem, in my future.

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